Budget Collector: A New Art Company Determined To Launch Despite COVID-19

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

Washington, DC

Budget Collector, a private art advisory service specializing in developing new art collectors, recently announced the launch of its new business and website. Budgetcollector.org is revolutionizing the art market by democratizing the private art collection world.

Art is still essential, particularly in hard times, so Budget Collector has been developing new ways to serve prospective art collectors. The start-up has reconfigured to help new clients during this crisis.

Here is how we changed:

  • We now have opened online-only art collecting advising.
  • We have introduced webinars to our members to allow them to learn from home.
  • We have created virtual art gallery showings with partnerships from some of our associate members.
  • We have delayed our introductory course until December 3, 2020.
  • We will no longer be offering discounted trips, group outings, and private dinners until the safety of our members can be guaranteed.
  • We are offering discounted membership and courses by using the code InThisTogether19. This coupon is valid until July 1, 2020.

Here is what remains the same:

  • Members still have access to a printed newsletter.
  • Members still have the opportunity to showcase their art purchases online.

Private art collections are still an essential piece of life for many. Art collections are an opportunity to share your most private thoughts without speaking a word. From the Barnes Collection to the Walters Art Gallery, personal identity and taste is showcased more beautifully than any public art institution could possibly create.

Everyone should have the opportunity to share this and build their own version in their home that can be shared with their family and friends. Budget Collectors’ singular purpose is to encourage more individuals to pursue their art ambitions and share their private collections with other likeminded individuals. To grow a collective of individuals who want to learn and grow together.

Typically, only a few families buy art, but our organization was built for everyone and anyone interested in art to buy art for their homes. 

Founder and president, Ebonique Boyd, created the business after realizing that many of her friends had the same pieces of art in their home purchased at Ikea or similar down market brands. She calls this business her calling, adding, “The radical democratization of aestheticism is my only desire.”

The online site can be viewed at www.budgetcollector.org, and events are planned to be launched in December after the economy opens up again.

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