Calhoun Super Structure Announces the Launch of Two New Fabric Building Profiles – Side Entry and Gable

2020-10-30 16:21:58 - Tara, ON CA

Tara, Ontario: Calhoun Super Structure today announced the launch of two new product lines – its Side Entry (SE) line of building profiles and its Gable (GB) line of building profiles – to be made available globally. The new Side Entry line consists of five profiles ranging in size from 20’ wide to 30’ wide and with different leg heights, while the new Gable line consists of 14 profiles ranging in size from 32’ wide to 100’ wide and with different leg heights.

This is the first time Calhoun Super Structure has launched two new product lines simultaneously, and the first product launch since its low-profile Versatile Profile (VP) line in 2016. 

“The Side Entry line was developed to provide a storage solution for any customer that requires multiple stockpiles of product and needs quick access to each”, said Allan Ball, Engineering Manager for Calhoun Super Structure. “For example, a landscaping or municipal customer may stockpile gravel, topsoil, sand, and mulch and need to easily access each pile with a loader”.

The new Side Entry line features an opening width up to 45’ wide, and ranges in height from 10’ to 35’ tall. The SE line also features a sloped roof, tall back eave, and optional leg heights from 2’ to 10’ steel legs. The Side Entry line is most suitable for customers looking for superior asset protection and the quickest and simplest form of access. The new Gable line features a standard 8’ or 10’ high leg height and gable style truss arch for customers in need of greater interior height clearance and an aesthetically pleasing look. Both product lines come with Calhoun’s standard hot dip galvanized steel frames and 12 oz high density polyethylene one-piece fabric cover.

 “With the Gable line, we are now able to offer a more traditional looking building at a more affordable price than our VP Series”, said Dan Dalzell, Business Development Manager for Calhoun Super Structure.

Calhoun Super Structure has immediately made both the Side Entry line and Gable line available to customers across the globe.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide our customers with even more profile options of our premium high-quality fabric building product”, said Deanna Hope, Marketing Manager for Calhoun Super Structure. “The launch of these two new product lines will further drive Calhoun’s revenue growth that we have already so far seen over the past five years, and allow us to meet the needs of new consumer markets while remaining competitive.”

All of Calhoun’s fabric building lines are manufactured in Canada and shipped anywhere in the world. Calhoun provides stamped engineered drawings for every building produced.


About Calhoun Super Structure: Calhoun Super Structure has been an industry leader in fabric structures in North America for almost 30 years. Each Calhoun structure is engineered to meet the highest quality standards and is fully customizable to a variety of industries and uses. With building profiles ranging in size from 16’ wide to 250’ wide, and supported by an authorized dealer network, Calhoun produces the safest, most reliable structures on the market. Calhoun - Our Strength is in Our Structure.

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