Cali couple launches holistic meal prep service for postpartum parents

2022-05-24 15:00:00 - Huntington Beach, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Mama Meals is an organic, gluten-free, meal delivery service mindfully crafted for postpartum parents. 

Headed by California couple Holly and Eric Stein, Mama Meals was created as a solution to a problem they faced as young parents in modern America. Holly explained, “After the birth of our first child, I wasn’t given any guidelines about how to take care of myself, except for the importance of rest. But no one talked about food. I stocked up on frozen flatbread and my husband lovingly made me smoothies and salads – little did we know that was exactly the wrong kind of healthy food a mother needs after birth. I ended up chronically constipated the first 4-6 weeks, experienced postpartum depression, and increased anxiety. I knew there had to be a better way.” 

A book titled The First Forty Days reveals exactly this, a better way  –  healing soups; replenishing meals and snacks; and calming and lactation-boosting teas, all formulated to support the unique needs of the new mother. 

“I was so sold on this eastern approach and so determined for things to be different from my first postpartum that I prepped and froze 60 meals to have on deck after the baby was born – oatmeals, soups, stews, lactation cookies and more. All Eric would have to do is defrost and reheat. This time, we were prepared…and what a difference it made in our lives” Holly recounts.

By utilizing ancient wisdom and modern science, they developed dishes rooted in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Weston A. Price principles that support healing for the mind, body, and soul postpartum.

It made such a powerful impact in this sensitive time in their lives that Holly and Eric wish to bring that ease and support to parents across Orange County. Holly began taking orders one at a time, then a few more, then reorders started coming in – the news began to spread across the OC birth community that there was an easy, affordable and optimal way to support postpartum mamas. So much so, that the couple had to buy a second freezer to hold all the orders. 

The Mama Meals Kickstarter campaign went live on May 23, 2022 (Holly’s birthday) with eight assorted reward options. Holly and Eric hope to exceed their funding goal in order to kickstart the Mama Meals mission of nourishing mamas (and more) across the nation and support a new generation of healthy families. 

“You’re investing in a future mama's ability to get healthy food delivered to her door.  Our promise is that the food you order now will nourish your body to the core and help us create a better future for our mamas and children,” Eric emphatically expressed.

Those interested in more information can visit the Mama Meals Kickstarter page and follow the company on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram @mama.meals.oc 

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