Can hybrid-cloud lead the computing industry?

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  United States, New York, New York - 11/12/2019

New tools are aimed at the ‘hybrid-cloud’ offers companies shift from traditional computing to cloud services backed by secure and up-to-date solutions.


A number of corporations are now introducing tools as an answer to the cloud-computing industry. Some are as the cloud-hybrid tools Framför unveiled, which are aimed at what is the hottest part of the cloud market. Such systems let companies bring their traditional operations of computing to the cloud services while being able to operate both altogether.


As announced by the tech company, its public cloud uses a commercially available state-of-art cryptographic technology. Thanks to encryption keys and cryptographic operations, users are protected and are the only ones who can control and access their data.


Customers have slowing began to invest in the cloud due to the business challenges it faces. To win such customers with high demands, providers are expanding into what it is called “hybrid-cloud”, which mixes cloud IT systems that store and process sensitive information with traditional local servers.


Cloud computing, where customers rent computing horsepower rather than investing in their own, has become a profit driver for big companies, ranging from Apple to SAP. The commercial success has helped Framför, build and invest into new solutions. Such success can be seeing in other competitors’ moves, that are pushing big tech companies, such as Amazon and Microsoft into further investment.


According to Gartner Research Inc., the cloud market overall reached nearly $176 billion in sales in 2018. Initial cloud growth was largely driven by businesses that hadn’t spent much on in-house IT departments. But many companies with large IT budgets, such as the finance industry, have stood back, mostly as part of regulatory requirements that hamper store data information on servers belonging to other companies.


The Swedish Brazilian company, Framför views its regional offerings as key to its efforts to catch up with competitors, offering close support to its global distribution and regional offices in places such as London, Amsterdam, Lisbon and São Paulo.


Framför has been offering software in areas ranging from business automation to artificial intelligence with its Artificial Intelligence backed Digital Assistant to help call centers, hotels and airports. But one year ago it began allowing customers to run part of its cloud equipment that is built to enable customers servers to seamlessly work with their data center.

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