Canada’s first high-end organic CBD & THC infusion company preparing for Canada’s 2019 edible legalization.

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Farm and Florist is Canada’s first line of high-end infusions. Using top-tier cannabis for extraction, recognizing that the quality of distillate, oils, and syrups is integral to the overall taste of products. 

“We see cannabis as a therapeutic treatment, a social stimulant, and the perfect medium for us to blend farm fresh ingredients with natural plant medicine.” - President, Farm & Florist

Medical studies have proven CBD to be effective in reducing pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. This miracle compound is found in Cannabis and Hemp and also has anti-prolific properties, meaning it stops the growth of cancer cells. It’s a completely safe and non-intoxicating- even children and pets use it! 

The world is watching as Canada becomes the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide. This year, cannabis will become legal at the federal, provincial/territorial, and local levels. 

  VANCOUVER BC - 07/30/2018 (

However, The federal government intends to make only fresh or dried cannabis, and limited oils available upon legalization. Edible products won’t be offered for at least a year afterward, despite an explosion of interest in them in recent years. 

The original THC line was popular amongst foodies and cannabis connoisseurs alike, for both medicinal and recreational use. Farm & Florist are launching a CBD line including Cannabis Olive Oil, Cannabis Coconut Oil, Cannabis infused Honey, and quite possibly the most Canadian thing you’ve ever heard of - you guessed it - Cannabis infused Maple Syrup.

To buy edibles online, visit Farm & Florist to try their new CBD infused line. 

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