Canadian Cannabis Company Partners with Columbian Producers Aiming to Import Medical Marijuana

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  TORONTO, CANADA - 04/18/2018 (

Canada is on the brink of legalizing recreational marijuana and Cannabis companies are seeking new ways of meeting the potential demand. Experts predict demand will not be met by the current infrastructure, as Canada is currently an 11 billion dollar industry.

The western state of Cauca is home to 35,000 acres of Cannabis growing land, located only an hour from Cali. This region is known for ideal growing conditions, being positioned near the equator with a 12-hour sun cycle. Often nicknamed the ‘Napa Valley of Weed.’

A few Canadian companies have been stationed in Columbia with the vision of exporting marijuana worldwide. MJN Express, an online dispensary allowing customers to buy weed online has spoken with RAD laboratories and NEW Canna Hub to find potential ways to import the crop to Canada. 

“We flew to Columbia to see what was possible, flying over 35,000 acres and seeing the production capacity of this nation we couldn’t believe our eyes. There is a lot said about growing in Canada, but like tobacco and alcohol, we believe there will be potential to import in the near future” said James Casey, President of MJNExpress

RAD laboratories is looking to process up to 5 tons of freshly harvested Cannabis flower a day for a fraction of the cost of production by a licensed producer in Canada. Growing Cannabis in Canada is roughly 1000% more expensive, a cheaper alternative would open up more possibilities in the Canadian market.

The managing group of MJN visited the 35,000 acres plot of land and saw first-hand the capability of producing cannabis in Columbia, as a result MJN Express is seeking partnerships in the future with licensed producers to enable the importation and distribution of cannabis and cannabis bi-products. Columbia could supply 44% of the global demand for medicinal marijuana. 

Head of Columbia’s National Narcotics Fund has authorized the harvest of 40.5 tons of Cannabis plant for export-only purposes, by comparison Australia has only allocated 2.5 tons for both internal and external use. Which means that Columbia’s government is serious about the potential of exportation, once countries allow importation.

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