Canadian Startup Hoppin’ World Launches VR Application For Companies & Users To Meet Up Virtually In Real World Locations

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - Canada, Quebec, Montreal - (PR Distribution™)

MONTREAL - Hoppin’ World, a Canadian virtual-reality-as-a-service provider, today announced it will expand globally to offer its innovative VR SaaS Platform Hoppin’, a solution that enables two-way group telepresence in real world locations.   

With the growing popularity of virtual reality (VR), this gives companies, cities, event organizers and experience providers an opportunity toGo Virtual, continuing to showcase their offerings in VR through 360? video recordings that represent selected locations and experiences. 


“Hoppin’ provides a place where anyone with a VR Headset can meet and travel the world together. We also enable businesses to meet their prospects and interested users in real world locations, giving them an opportunity to offer face to face in-(virtual)-person tours of anything they want to showcase,” said Joaquim Miro, Partner & CMO at Hoppin’. “It harnesses the rapidly evolving technologies of Social VR and 360? cameras to offer a new paradigm for the Tourism and Event Industries, as well as for remote B2B sales.”


Hoppin’ provides virtualization services to organizations who would benefit from giving their teams the ability to meet remotely as avatars in real world locations. Since its release in November 2019, Hoppin' already has existing clients in Canada, USA and the UK, and has secured partnerships with XR studios, 360? studios and strategic distributors in 12 countries. 

By offering this VR solution, Hoppin’ becomes the bridge between the virtual world and the real one - offering VR users an opportunity to feel what it’s like to be in certain places and live through certain experiences, regardless of time, money or physical restraints. This is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to sell virtually in immersive controlled environments with the same flexibility one would have when being there together in person. 


“We wanted to create an environment that helps people connect on a deeper level, regardless of their physical locations,” said Jean-Nicolas Vandelac, Founder & CEO of Hoppin’. “By giving our users an opportunity to travel in real world places virtually using 360? videos, we hope people will remain curious, and ultimately develop an interest in traveling to and engaging with the places they’ve seen in the application once the global lockdown is lifted.”


About Hoppin’ World

Hoppin’ World is a Multi-User VR SaaS solution that allows businesses, organizations and experience providers to teleport their sales prospects and clients/users directly into their location/experience using 360° videos (pre-recorded or live). Available on the Oculus Go for free, marketers and sales teams can hop in the VR application and literally meet their prospects as avatars and give them in-(virtual)-person guided tours of any real world location of their choice without either party needing to be physically present. 

If interested in learning more about how this could apply to your business, reach out at [email protected] to set up a free demo, or directly book a free demo here.

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