Caring Is Cool: Celebraintion® Reinvents The Soldier Backpack for Conscious Adventurers: Be part of the change and create immediate impact with this sustainable travel backpack

2021-08-09 16:00:00 - Limena, Padova, Italy - (PR Distribution™)

Calling all travellers who care about Earth! Celebraintion® Official has got your back. 

This emerging eco-friendly outdoor bag and accessories brand is set to create healthy new habits through backpacks — ones that help you clean up and reduce waste. 

Dubbed “The Caring Backpack”, Celebraintion® took inspiration from the lean, functional nature of soldiers’ backpacks and redesigned it for the modern eco warrior as a simple, honest tool that keeps that planet clean. Replacing the rifle with the grabber makes this brand’s message clear: embrace love for the planet, not war.

Made of 100% recycled PET plastics, “The Caring Backpack” has a large lined internal storage area, padded back, poly-cotton canvas straps, external loops, and comes equipped with a grabber and gloves - so that you’re always prepared for outdoor clean ups.

“We like to think it will become normal to ‘arm’ ourselves with a grabber and gloves until there’s not a single piece of waste left. Anyone and everyone can be part of this new and healthy habit. Be part of the change!” OLIVIERO ORLANDO, CELEBRAINTION® FOUNDER 

Born in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic the emerging eco outdoor brand was created by founder Oliviero Orlando, an industrial designer, who realised the importance of improving the planet’s condition as nature began flourishing again.

Combining his fashion design background with his intention to “celebrate life… consciously”, Oliviero created Celebraintion® and its mission to do good.

Now, through a community of responsible individuals (“The Caring Army”) and an incredible product (“The Caring Backpack”), Celebraintion® is making an impact on Earth, one backpack at a time.

Find out more at celebraintion.com or pre-order The Caring Backpack. 

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