Celebrate The Year of the Boar – Without Boredom!

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February 5th commences the Year of the Boar – the animal representing this year in the twelve-year system of the Chinese Zodiac.  According to the Zodiac lore, those born in the Year of the Boar – 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 – are noble, sincere, honest, and tolerant.  They seek lifelong friends who share these personality traits.  

Ring in the Chinese New Year by treating your taste buds to culinary inspirations shared in Health Is How You MAAKE It: Modern Asian-American Kitchen Experience.  Authored by Catherine Hsia Cebula, an American-born Chinese, the eBook’s tantalizing “Tasty Templates” offer guidance to prepare delicious dishes such as:

  • Eight Treasures Dessert Rice:  Ba Bao Fan, the quintessential Chinese dessert, featured in celebrations of auspicious occasions including the Chinese New Year, is a play on the numeral “8” – which is considered by the Chinese to be a lucky number because of its phonetic pronunciation and visual symmetry.
  • Dumplings: A symbol for prosperity, this is a simple and reliable recipe with a healthy and hearty chicken and spinach filling.
  • Baked Creamy Bok Choy:  An Asian interpretation of creamed spinach that utilizes hearty Asian leafy greens.
  • Asian Flavors Soup: Merging coconut milk and red curry paste of Thai cuisine with Chinese ingredients such as Shiitake mushrooms and mung bean threads to yield a flavorful Asian soup.

These are just a sampling of the 75 recipes that appear in the newly released eBook, Health Is How You MAAKE It: Modern Asian-American Kitchen Experience. 

With an educational background in the health sciences and professional experience as a medical writer, Catherine complements the “Tasty Templates” with 50 “Thoughts On Food” state-of-the-science literature reviews that share evidence-based data as to mechanisms associated with ingredients appearing in the eBook’s “Tasty Templates.” Some of the revealing concepts:

  • “A Dark Secret Is Out” – what compounds in which types of chocolate associate with cardiovascular and brain effects.  
  • “Does Good Health Grow On Trees?” how almonds, pecans, and walnuts (types of tree nuts) may lower the risks of a variety of diseases.
  • “N-Oatable Effects”  what compounds in rolled oats exert metabolic and antioxidant effects.
  • “Take Charge”  the science behind cinnamon’s effects for blood sugar and insulin management.

Media can contact us for a Media Review Copy (full text pdf) of Health Is How You MAAKE It: Modern Asian-American Kitchen Experience and/or to arrange an Author Interview (via internet conferencing).

Treat your taste buds to a taste sensation today.  Health Is How You MAAKE It: Modern Asian-American Kitchen Experience  is available in .mobi and .epub formats.

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