“Celebrating the Brand Ambassador” the Live Weekly Interview Series Hosted by Elayne Duff

2021-03-22 20:38:00 - New York City, NY - (PR Distribution™)

NEW YORK, March 22nd, 2021 – Elayne Duff, a 20-­year industry veteran, brand consultant, educator and mixologist, unveils the secrets to success of select Brand Ambassadors with her new weekly live series, "Celebrating the Brand Ambassador”.

On its 15th episode, Elayne Duff has interviewed 28 of the most unique humans out there, representing 18 alcohol beverage companies, to-­?date. Guests have ranged from Global Brand Ambassador Daniyel Jones of Angustora Rum, European Brand Education Manager Nicola Riske of The McCallan, National Educator Lynn House of Heaven Hill to global icons such as Tomas Estes, Julio Bermejo, Ian Burrell and many more.

Interview insights have revealed that no two roles are the same. To do this job well, you need to master being a business professional, part-­?time partier, full-­?time networker, a social media influencer, presenter, an educator, spirits expert, a mixologist, an event planner, a sales rep, an accountant and a writer. These skill sets are just the baseline; for those looking to become global icons and advance to the next level in their careers, education never ends. It takes a special kind of person to do this job and “Celebrating the Brand Ambassador” uncovers the insider stories, secrets to success, best practices, mistakes made… and so much more.

“Celebrate the Brand Ambassador” goes live every Wednesday at 2pm est on Elayne Duff’s Facebook page or on her “Celebrate the Brand Ambassador” YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6MVe7P-­?X6PmJrq8K0nSWw)0-­?

To join the conversation, tune in each Wednesday at 2pm at: Facebook @DuffOnTheRocks

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Elayne Duff is an accomplished professional with more than 20 years within the beverage and alcohol industry. She has a solid track record of developing and implementing successful programs to drive brand growth, advocacy and customer/trade loyalty for brands such as Cîroc Vodka, Tanqueray Ten, Bullet Bourbon & Don Julio Tequila. Within her global role for AB InBev, she created a groundbreaking sales strategy for selling craft beer within the unchartered territory of fine dining in addition to the global training strategy for over 1,500 AB InBev restaurant employees, across three continents. In the United States, she is widely recognized by distributers, trade and consumers alike for delivering highly entertaining and interactive training programs, celebrity brand partnerships, on-­?trade brand building events, as well as being an award-­?winning luxury brand ambassador, mixologist and educator.

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