Champtown and wife Keysha, hosts of the internet show The Itiszzz executive produced by The legendary Ice T heads to judge Faith to hash out complications in their marriage on Divorce Court

2022-01-25 19:45:00 - Detroit, Michigan, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Judge Faith Jenkins will try her best to keep the marriage between Brian''Champtown''Harmon, and wife Lakeysla ''Keysha'' Williams a.k.a SheKeysha in the 23rd season (episode 110) airing this Friday January 28, 2022 (check your local listings for times). 


The couple has known each other since Keysha was in the 4th grade and Champ was in the 5th grade and have been together for close to 30 years. Things started heading south when Keysha felt in her gut something wasn't right and unapologetically decided to invade Champ's privacy and log into his Instagram account to find that Champ was in fact being more filthy than flirty crossing major fidelity lines with Prince's leading lady in the classic 1984 film Purple Rain Apollonia Kotero. 


Champ and Keysha host an internet cooking/Interview show called THEITISZZZ.COM which is executive produced by the longest running black actor in tv history ICE-T who has just started his 23rd season with Law and Order. Ice T has made it clear to both of his host telling them recently in a zoom meeting " YOU 2 BETTER NOT NEVER I MEAN NEVER EVER GET A DIVORCE"


Champ claims that the Itiszzz hit a major pothole simply because Keysha doesn't trust the nature of his relationship with female guests he wants to be on the show, and goes on to say that her jealousy is destroying the marriage as Champ accuses his wife of using the show to be face to face with her celebrity crushes one of which happens to be rapper/super producer Kwame Holland.


While Keysha makes Champtown's poor communication, disgusting excessive flirting and being in every female DM's as the real reasons why the marriage is in jeopardy and says that Divorce Court is the last attempt to keep marriage together.


 CAN JUDGE FAITH JENKINS save this couple that has been together for three decades?


 Divorce court season 23 episode 110 airs Friday January 28th Please check your Local Listings for Stations and Times. 

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