Charitynet USA Donations Reach $75,000 Milestone

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - ORLANDO, FL - (PR Distribution™)
Working alongside non-profits inspires CharityNet USA to donate $75,000 to charities across country

Offering dozens of solutions to problems that non-profit and charity organizations face every day, CharityNet USA has seen their fair share of worthy causes. CharityNet USA, sister company of business consulting BizCentral USA, was founded in 2004 in Orlando, Florida. Founder of CharityNet USA, Efrain Rodriguez, states: “We started out working with businesses, but I was really drawn to expanding to work with non-profit groups as well.”

Since CharityNet USA has been in business, they have been able to donate over $75,000 to charities in their local Orlando area as well as across the country. While they work with hundreds of non-profit companies every year, they aren’t able to donate to their clients; however their clients’ passion for others inspires philanthropy amongst the company year round. They also have done a number of additional donations in the way of contests, pro bono work, and volunteer hours. Contributions have gone to small town clubs, youth sports, programs that pay for medical bills, and many more.

Serving a nationwide client base to help start non-profit organizations or helping existing organizations get funding, CharityNet USA works with a myriad of people looking to pursue their passion of helping others. Serving as a one-stop-shop, they offer dozens of services, from attaining 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and grant writing, to fund raising programs and web design. CharityNet USA goes so far as to offer services at lower rates and offer flexible payments so that they are able to accommodate as many non-profit organizations as they can. Rodriguez states, “We enjoy working with non-profits and ‘Helping you help others’, as often stated on their website.

While CharityNet USA continues to work with non-profit organizations to get started or continue serving their communities, they will also continue to give back as well. With a passion for people making the world a better place, they truly enjoy donating to make a difference.

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