Children’s author illustrates how to overcome adversity

2022-08-20 12:00:00 - Carbondale, Illinois, United States - (PR Distribution™)

“Emma Jean’s Sew-N-Sew” by LaShonda M. Stewart

ISBN: 979-8-88590-605-0

Following her critically acclaimed “The 12 Days of a Soul Food Christmas”, author LaShonda Stewart’s unveils her second book “Emma Jean’s Sew-N-Sew,” featuring family members from her "Big Mama" series. Teaching children how to overcome adversity with conviction, Stewart’s new children’s book confronts the topic of fitting in at school. “I want to illustrate how to be triumphant in the face of teasing,” Stewart said.

In “Emma Jean’s Sew-N-Sew,” Big Mama’s daughter Emma Jean doesn’t have the money to buy her daughter London the latest fashions. But after finding her grandmother’s sewing machine while clearing out the basement, she resolves to make London some new clothes. Relying on family traditions, ingenuity, and her newfound talent, Emma Jean sews each garment with love. When a school bully targets London because of her homemade fashion, she refuses to wear anymore of her mother’s clothes. But when the school dance rolls around, London will discover just how cool a hand-crafted dress can be and Emma Jean learns what the world really thinks of her designs. Seeking to impart valuable life lessons, Stewart also aims to offer a heartfelt example of the depth of a mother’s love. “Emma Jean expresses her love for her daughter through sewing,” Stewart said. “And it ultimately speaks volumes.” 

“Emma Jean’s Sew-N-Sew” is available for purchase online at Amazon.com. 

About the Author

LaShonda M. Stewart, PhD is the author of “The 12 Days of a Soul Food Christmas.” She is a professor at Southern Illinois University’s School of Management and Marketing within the College of Business and Analytics. Her area of expertise is public budgeting and financial management, and her research has been published in academic and business journals. When not writing children’s books, she enjoys other creative pursuits including motivational speaking. She lives in Illinois. 

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