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Is chiropractic safe or even effective for pregnant moms and babies? 

Most women have no idea that chiropractic care during pregnancy can help reduce labor time and pain by up to 60%. Having low back pain, shooting pains down the sides of our legs, or debilitating headaches are NOT normal for our bodies during pregnancy. Yes, things are changing within our bodies, but there are solutions to those “changing pains”. 

Dr. Jason Cherry has been a Webster certified chiropractor in the Tampa bay area for 7 years and has helped over HUNDREDS of pregnant moms with their pregnancy pains. He has helped reduce sciatic pains, round ligament pains (that extreme tightness you feel in your lower belly), and headaches. He has also helped women with BREECH babies have a natural childbirth. He does this through the Webster technique by giving the baby enough space to “flip” naturally in the mother’s womb by making sure mom’s hips are in proper alignment. Lastly, He has helped babies and small children with colic, constipation, ear infections and mental clarity for ADD and ADHD.

[If you’re looking for an alternative way to healthcare in your family, be sure to check out Dr. Cherry located in South Tampa, Florida who has been in practice for over 6 years in the bay area. He has a wife and son and knows the ins and outs of family life and having a healthy child vs a sick one. He cares deeply for his community and wishes to be a resource for his community. You can reach him at 813-878-2288 or by email at [email protected]. He is located 620 S. MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33609] 

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