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Christian Corah Orange County: Keys To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

Christian Corah Orange County: Keys To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

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Christian Corah has become a familiar name in the commercial finance sector thanks to the success of his financial services company, Fidelity Business Advisors. The company specializes in securing short term business loans for small- to mid-sized business ventures, though it also services long term loan products. 

In its relatively short career, the company has already made considerable progress thanks chiefly to the vision and the strong business ethics of its founder and CEO, Christian Corah Orange County. 

Mr. Corah had already had considerable experience from his previous works first in the student loan sector and then, in the consumer finance sector. And his good knowledge of credit, as well as his ability and eagerness to leverage new technologies relevant to his business, have stood him in good stead. 

In this article, we aim to focus on the man, his habits as a business entrepreneur and his philosophy and outlook on business practices that have helped him grow and find success as a business entrepreneur. 

From Lacrosse to Finance

Born in Poway, California, Christian Corah excelled in sports during his high school days. In fact, he was quite an accomplished Lacrosse player and had briefly considered a career in the sport as well. However, as things turned out, he chose for a career in finance and shortly after graduating from college, started work as a student loan officer.


It, however, appears that love for sports runs in the Christian Corah family as Ezrah, Corah's 11-year-old son is already making good progress as an upcoming basketball player. Watching Ezra grow, Christian Corah Orange County confesses, makes him relive his own athlete days as also helps him unwind after a long, demanding day at work. 

Discipline is the Key

As any successful man would tell you, observing a strict daily routine and faithfully following it day in day out often acts as the keystone for success.  It is no different from Christian Corah. 

A typical day in Christian Corah's life looks like this:

- Getting up early and checking his mails from lenders and clients and complete the necessary calls and responses. The "getting-up-early" part is important as most of Christian Corah's business contacts (lenders and clients) are from the East Coast. 

- Reviewing the existing loan pipeline and ensuring that no new documentation is required for loans already approved.

- Getting in touch with the clients whose loans are still in the processing stage and providing them with all necessary updates. 

- And the day ends with Christian Corah checking his leads and prospecting for new clients via phone calls and email. 

Philosophy Behind Success

Christian Corah believes in being a first-mover and on jumping in the bandwagon. According to him, the new business landscape of today does not really allow one to sit over an idea for any period of time. One needs to think and move fast and tackle problems and difficulties, as and when they arise, on the go. Overthink, and the opportunity would be already lost by the time you make up your mind!

As an example, Christian Corah Orange County cites his immense enthusiasm over the latest blockchain technology. He believes blockchain to be a radically new, even a revolutionary, technology that has the power to transform how we do business once and for all. 

Productive Habits

Talking about some key habits that have helped him succeed as an entrepreneur, Christian Corah Orange County stresses two things most. One is the use of LISTS. Lists, he believes, are immensely helpful when it comes to prioritizing your tasks and they are just as helpful for keeping track of growth and progress of your venture. 

Secondly, he recommends that entrepreneurs write down every single idea that strikes them as having potential. Unless you put those ideas into paper immediately, you always run the risk of losing them. 

Christian Corah Orange County even keeps a pen and a writing pad handy on his nightstand so he can write down any idea that comes to him while he is sleeping, communicated by his subconscious most likely!

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