CiiTECH Academy course awarded CPD accreditation

2021-10-15 08:30:00 - London, United Kingdom - (PR Distribution™)

CiiTECH, the cannabis healthcare company, has received CPD accreditation for its Academy course supporting UK pharmacists, nurses and physicians. 

After the success of its Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, course launched earlier this year, CiiTECH’s new course offers a new interactive digital platform with a comprehensive 12 module course of fundamental medical cannabis and CBD knowledge, specifically designed for healthcare professionals in the UK.

Experts say the UK industry could face challenges if those in charge of dispensing and recommending it are not adequately trained in the field. Pharmacy professionals, who have largely been ignored in the pharmaceutical supply chain, will feel more confident after taking the course; nurses will be able to treat patients better and physicians recommend with a clear understanding of the benefits. On top of comprehensive knowledge, simple answers for the most frequently asked questions by both patients and customers can be downloaded for ongoing reference.

It is estimated that the fast-growing CBD market in the UK will be worth over £3bn by 2025 with local pharmacies and clinics tasked with supplying reliable information to customers and patients. 

Many professions in the UK require ongoing learning, with a set amount of continued professional development points required each year. The course is aimed at bridging the education gap by covering a wide spectrum of knowledge, from plant history to dosing information and patient care.

“Through years of experience serving UK customers with our portfolio of CBD brands it was abundantly clear that the level of misinformation was enormous and confusing for everyone involved. Formal education is always important but with little to no existence in the UK we could not see a better way to help lead the industry than to establish our own online academy and give healthcare professionals the opportunity to not only learn about cannabis therapeutics but to earn further education points at the same time.” says Clifton Flack, CEO and founder of CiiTECH.

"With the rise in UK cannabis prescriptions and CiiTECH’s long awaited move into the THC medical cannabis arena, now is the time to increase professional education and it is exactly why we have embarked on this education journey. CiiTECH is fast becoming the UK’s one stop shop for all your cannabis needs; research, education, consumer brands.”

CiiTECH collaborated with Medical Cannabis Mentor to produce the course and prepare it for CPD certification. “The course synthesizes the most up-to-date scientific research and clinical guidelines in an engaging format to help professionals make informed treatment decisions''. says Joe Dolce, Founder and CEO of Medical Cannabis Mentor.  

The course can be found on https://cpduk.co.uk/ or for pricing and registration visit:  https://ciitech.academy

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