Climate Change—Pandemic Drive Standby Generator Sales at Norwall

2021-10-27 21:45:00 - Lake Havasu City, AZ - (PR Distribution™)

Climate Change and the Global Pandemic came together between 2019 and 2021 to push generator sales into record territory. Home generator models, once stocked for immediate shipment, now take weeks or months to reach company warehouses as manufacturers struggle to meet demand. 

A recent Norwall News article, ‘The Climate Change and COVID Pandemic Perfect Storm’ detailed standby generator supply chain woes from manufacturer to homeowner. 

In 2019, Pacific Gas & Electric began cutting power to hundreds of thousands of California utility customers to prevent their aging equipment from starting more wildfires. Many homeowners responded with a new backup generator installation. 

Then the 2020 COVID pandemic hit and a large segment of the workforce began working from home. Outages that previously went unnoticed became a problem. The most sought-after solution? A whole house standby generator system that restores power automatically in a few seconds. A standby generator transfer switch bundle is the easiest and most popular to order.

Many companies found that Working from Home lowers costs and improves employee productivity, while fewer commutes reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, more people recognize the advantage of a Home Standby Generator system because it allows them to keep working through a power outage.

Many cite climate change as the cause of the record-breaking 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season, which prompted homeowners to prepare with a home backup generator system. It’s easier to stay home and stay safe during a pandemic, even in a hurricane, if you have power.

In February 2021, the Texas Power Outage Disaster following Winter Storm Uri and record cold added pressure to an overwhelmed supply chain that could no longer meet demand. New Standby Generator delivery dates extended from three months to six or longer.

Delayed material shipments slowed manufacturing, especially supplies coming from foreign suppliers. Shortages of electronic components continue to delay manufacturing at all the major generator manufacturers.

Homeowners interested in home backup find an air cooled standby generator the most economical. Size ranges from 10kW to 24kW with a new 26kW coming soon. A natural gas generator is most common in cities and towns. Rural homeowners install an LP propane generator that runs off their storage tank.

Established in 1992 to serve the home generator market, Norwall PowerSystems ( has shipped nearly a quarter million generators to satisfied customers all over the country.

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