Coinflect Announcement : CFLT to Wrapped CFLT Migration

2022-04-18 19:30:00 - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - (PR Distribution™)

In anticipation of the Coinflect blockchain release, the project is enthusiastic to announce that we will be swapping to a wrapped Coinflect token.  This next step is beneficial to the long-term goals of the project so that the new contract will function with the cross-chain bridge and Coinflect assets.  The new contract has already been successfully audited by Crypto Watch Tower to ensure confidence and security is priority prior to migration commencement.  To help existing CFLT token holders migrate with ease, there will be a Dapp available to make the process easy and effortless.  

The new contract tokenomics are as follows:

7% Tax on all Buys, Sells, and Transfers

               3% LP

               2% Development Wallet

               1% Auto Burn

               1% Reflections to holders

On Monday, April 18th, at 8 AM EST the Dapp will be live and CFLT holders can deposit their tokens and await an airdrop of new tokens.  The application will be live and active for deposits up till Monday, April 25th, at 8 AM EST.  Once the application deadline is met, depositors should expect an airdrop of the new token within 2 hours.  Each deposit made through the Dapp results in an automatic burn of the deposited tokens.  The verified transactions of these burns will serve as the list of wallets to be airdropped with new wrapped CFLT tokens.  

The process for deposit is as follows:  

            •Visit the Coinflect website to locate the link to the Dapp.

           •Connect your wallet so that the application can identify how many CFLT tokens you have available for deposit.

           •Follow call to action steps in the Dapp to deposit all your CFLT tokens.

           •Wait for the deposit period to end and await your airdrop.

           •Visit the official Coinflect Telegram for the new contract address to add a custom token to your wallet to gain full visibility of your new tokens.

Please ensure that you are connecting to the correct link for the Dapp.  Feel free to reach out to a team member in the official telegram chat to ensure that you are using the official links to deposit your CFLT tokens.  Errors made to malicious sites cannot be undone by the project team.  

For questions regarding the deposit process or airdrop, please visit the official Coinflect Telegram.  The team of moderators and admins will be able to assist you further with any questions or concerns. https://t.me/Coinflect  or visit the official website: https://coinflect.com

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