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2021-08-20 15:46:25 - AUSTRALIA - (PR Distribution™)

The Blockchain is a relatively new concept and we are yet to adopt this technology in the mainstream applications. But the craze of this technology has already reached millions with increasing number of people discussing it over the net and social channels. The most common term that is doing the rounds is Bitcoin which has almost become synonymous with the term Cryptocurrency. The Blockchain technology, the underlying technology of any Cryptocurrency, has not only found its usage in the Fintech fraternity but has also covered the gaming, realty, compliance and several other industries. 

With the technological advancements taking place at a rapid pace, it can be well said that Blockchain solutions are soon going to mark a prominent place among other evolving trends. The image given below is well representative of this fact:

Simplify Transactions, Simplify Life! 

Minding the barometer, the primary idea behind Coinnup invention is to induce the technology of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, to simplify the way transactions are carried out in today’s time. It would not be wrong to say that Coinnup sets out to revolutionize financial transactions by making them digitized. 

It is well predicted that banking systems are going to be completely transformed from the way they are being managed, or these processes are going to get infused with Blockchain solutions to make the entire system more efficient, transparent and secured. Also, the financial institutions, as well as the customers, will be able to reduce transaction costs and make savings. 

Let’s understand the core reason why eventually the banks may also see a shift towards Blockchain solutions, Cryptocurrency in general. With the help of Blockchain powered financial solutions, the need for intermediaries and third-parties to provide secured transactions gets eliminated. With Blockchain, financial transactions not only become more secured but also swifter and cheaper compared to the other prevalent forms of online transactions.

The trending topic in today’s financial world is thus Cryptocurrency and Coinnup brings you Coinnup (PMZ) Coins to invest into and take your first step in the world of decentralized expansion. To embrace the savings enabled by digital transactions you need to know more about what wonders the coins, or more specifically crypto coins from Coinnup, do. Digital tokens, such as those issued by Coinnup have a significant role in promoting the capabilities that Blockchain solutions have. 

How is Coinnup better than other Blockchain fintech ideas? 

There are many Blockchain technologies in the Fintech market but how does one realize that the one they are coming across is better than the rest and in which way?

Coinnup technology is better than the other Blockchain technologies present in the Fintech market, and this can be explained in the following lines:

Most Fiat-to-Crypto exchanges do not directly allow you to purchase different popular Cryptocurrencies and one has to incur excessively in high transaction fees to buy such coins. In the same way, the conversion of one cryptocurrency to the other is also the most troublesome. But at Coinnup Fiat Central, built on the sturdy Coinnup Swift Swipe (CSS) Protocol, you will able to purchase the altcoins with fiat-to-crypto transactions and vice-versa and save around 75% of the transaction fees. 

Concurrently, Coinnup also eradicates the rigorous process of maintaining multiple wallets and separate exchanges for trading. Coinnup smart exchange syncs directly with the Coinnup cKEY powered wallet to store multiple crypto holdings securely. The component is extremely time, money and effort saving. 

Moving forward, shopping in stores is also going to become simpler with the help of Coinnup POS terminal. Earlier, it was not even expected that there will come a day when people would be able to buy groceries with Cryptocurrencies. But, Coinnup has made that feasible with its groundbreaking Coinnup Debit Card technology. You can link your crypto wallet with the Coinnup Debit Card and purchase any item of your daily necessity, including mobile recharge and daily groceries. The aim is to make shopping online or offline swift and simplified with the innovative Coinnup Debit Card technology. 

On B2B front, the Coinnup technology intends to make domestic and international payments instant, secured with buyer-seller agreements plus zero percent recurrent fees.

There is much more that Coinnup holds for individuals and businesses eager to embrace the concept of Cryptocurrency, and with timely revelations, these will also come to the fore.

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