Coinomize: Bitcoin Anonymity in the Crypto World

2020-09-14 15:47:22 - Brooklyn - (PR Distribution™)

In the early days of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, everyone thought they were anonymous. However, today it is known that every Bitcoin transaction on the blockchain is traceable to you. There are numerous forensic companies that specialize in determining the origin of transactions and whether these coins come from illegal sources. Bitcoin is very popular because it is not under the supervision of government agencies or banks, so everyone is the sole owner of it.

But if cryptocurrencies are no longer anonymous, how can I protect my transactions?

A technology startup called Coinomize specializes in protecting your coins and provides security and privacy for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The startup provides a secure platform that disguises your Bitcoin transactions and makes it difficult for anyone to track your transactions. Coinomize thus restores your anonymity by allowing online shoppers to pay with cryptocurrency via addresses that remain anonymous when users complete transactions. Therefore, buyers cannot be associated with the different addresses they use.

How Does Bitcoin Mixing Work?

It is a very simple and fast process and can protect your transactions within minutes.

When you send your coins to Coinomize, they will be mixed with other coins from other users and fresh coins from other sources will be used to hide their origin. Thus always a complete separation from the actual owner.

You can choose the transmission delay time and the fees. The more fees and delay time, the more secure your Bitcoins will be later.

A cryptocurrency mixer (also known as Bitcoin Blender or Bitcoin Tumbler) allows you to issue cryptocurrencies without storing any data about you or your transaction, allowing you to use Bitcoins anonymously again.

The benefits of this service?

No storage of your data - The Coinomize platform keeps transaction logs only as long as your transaction is active. After an order you can delete your data yourself or it will be automatically deleted for you after 72 hours.

In addition, the modern service is available in 11 languages worldwide and a mobile Android app is offered so that you can also pay securely with cryptocurrencies from anywhere. Soon, Monero and Ethereum will also be accepted. This startup is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry today, processing hundreds of transactions a day.

Full Anonymity

There is a growing demand for complete anonymity in the online world and especially secure payment methods are becoming more and more popular. Users who mix cryptocurrencies on the platform do not need to provide any information except for their payout address. 

More detailed information about mixing cryptocurrencies and the Coinomize service can be found on the official website

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