Collaboration Begins on Screenplay for Feature Film About The Life of Lacey Sturm

07/03/2019 19:00 - United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh - (PR Distribution™)

Lacey Sturm’s Autobiographical book entitled The Return is set to become a screenplay for a feature film. She is collaborating with zoetifex Studios’ founder and Chief Creative Officer, Michael Kadrie to write the screenplay which will stick very close to the book. The Screenplay will tell the story of Lacey’s life from the moment she was miraculously born, to the moment she was miraculously saved from committing suicide, to present day and her life with her husband Josh and her 3 boys Joshua, Arrow and Atticus.

About Lacey - Lacey gained worldwide exposure as the lead singer of the popular rock band Flyleaf where she not only helped to form the band, but she was instrumental in leading them to 3 Top 5 Billboard Albums that included 3 #1 albums on the Christian Rock Charts as well as 4 #1 songs. They also scored 1 #1 album on the Hard Rock Charts. Their videos have been seen by millions of fans on YouTube and the band has ventured on multiple world tours. Her final album with Flyleaf was New Horizons which was nominated for the 2012 Rock Album of the Year Dove Award.

After Flyleaf, Lacey became the first female solo artist to debut at #1 on Billboard’s list of Hard Rock albums. Her music and voice have also appeared on feature film soundtracks such as Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld Awakening. Lacey received two Grammy nominations at the 52nd Grammy Awards for her guest appearance on the Third Day song "Born Again" which was nominated for Best Gospel Song and Best Gospel Performance.

She has made other guest appearances on songs by artists such as Skillet, We As Human, Crowder, Apocalyptica, P.O.D. and Resident Hero.

Lacey has a role in the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's worldwide video, The Cross, released in November 2013. She was also featured as a solo performer in Franklin Graham's "Rock the Lakes", "Rock the Range", and "Rock the River" evangelistic tours throughout mid-August and late September 2011 where she sang and gave her testimony. She has performed at Festivals all over the world with Billy Graham’s son Franklin.

To date, Lacey has published Three books. Her most recent release was The Return: Reflections on Loving God Back (2018). In 2016, she released her second book: The Mystery: Finding Love in a World of Broken Lovers. And her first book was The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living (2014) on which this screenplay will be based.

About Michael Kadrie – Michael is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of zoetifex Studios in Pittsburgh, PA. zoetifex Studios focuses on what they like to call, Inspiritive Entertainment. Stories that are inspiring, spiritual, positive and uplifting. Their primary focus is in both high-end animation and live-action films but mainly take pride in telling great stories, no matter what the media they produce.

Michael was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and developed a love for entertaining people at an early age. He was playing drums by the age of 5 and bass guitar by 15, acting on stage at the age of 10 and developing characters for voice-over work and radio broadcast by the age of 18. After a period of time spent in the music business as both musician and producer, Michael attended Duquesne University where he developed his talents for motion graphics and computer animation.

Over his career, Michael has collaborated on multiple animated stories with current and former members of Disney, Pixar, Blue Sky, Dreamworks and more. He has also spent much time behind and in front of the camera in numerous roles such as actor, director, producer, writer and editor.

For the last several years, Michael has been focusing on writing and developing stories for future productions. But he considers working with Lacey on her life story as one of the greatest opportunities to which God has guided him. “This story not only has the power to potentially bring people to know God,” said Kadrie, “but it could hopefully give someone pause before they consider committing the horrific act of suicide. Once they see how beautiful Lacey’s life has become, and how not only blessed she is, but how she has inspired and impacted so many people around the world, that maybe they will understand just how much value their lives hold. They may also see that, even coming out of this dark place, you can rise to a place where you can touch the hearts of millions of people. In Lacey’s case, it was with her music, the words of her testimony, books, devotionals and love for her family.”

About the screenplay - The screenplay will be based on the popular book by Lacey Sturm entitled “The Return”, which tells the story of Lacey’s life from birth, to present day. On the day she was to commit suicide, Lacey, who was a staunch atheist at the time, is sent to church by her Grandmother, which changes her suicidal plans and her life - forever.

Michael Kadrie will write the screenplay along with Lacey Sturm.  The film is currently considered In Development but does not yet have a scheduled release date.

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Lacey Sturm: http://laceysturm.com
Michael Kadrie: http://zoetifex.com


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