Colorado-Based Medical Device Company, GoFire, Inc. Launches Exclusive Pre-Order for Superior Smart Dose-Sensing Vaporizer

04/18/2018 09:00 - DENVER, CO - (PR Distribution™)
GoFire Makes Limited Pre-Order Sale Available to Exclusively Purchase its Intelligent Convection Vaporizer with Dose-Monitoring App, Proprietary Smart Cartridge and Dose Detection Technology Designed to Personalize Dose and Patient Experience with Plant-Based Medicine

GoFire, Inc., a digital healthcare company delivering safe, reliable platforms to consume and manage alternative medicine will launch pre-order sales on its website, GoFire.co, April 20th, 2018. After three years of research and development on its dose-sensing convection vaporizer with dose-monitoring app, GoFire moves toward market launch. GoFire is the most technologically advanced premium, portable metered-dose vaporizer available; employing senior level executives from the med-tech, pharmaceutical and big data industries to ensure a quality experience based on medical-grade standards and certifications.

“As we introduce GoFire to the world, we affirm a new standard has been set - where precision and personalization take center stage. We’ve taken no shortcuts. Everything was built from the ground up, to bring a product to patients and consumers that truly enables doseability, safety, and consistency of plant-based medicine delivered via convection vaporization,” said Peter Calfee, CEO of GoFire, Inc. “Our Team has devoted three years of their lives to deliver a truly consistent and measurable dose. I’m proud to say, we have done it,” Calfee went on to say.

GoFire’s medical-grade vaporizer represents the cutting edge of a new market niche focused on personalized medicine. “It was our goal to deliver superior, quality products for medical patients and recreational consumers across the country, and ultimately, the globe,” said Eric Peterson, VP of Platform and Regulatory Affairs at GoFire, Inc. “GoFire is in a unique position to lead people toward consistent, repeatable methods to consume and manage an array of alternative medicine. We believe this provides some ‘legs’ to better understand the role plant-based medicine may play on health and well-being.”

With micro-dosing technology and smart-sensor integration, alternative therapy becomes more personal, consistent and precise. GoFire allows patients and consumers to create a repeatable result, removing the fear of taking too much or being out of control, while having the support of their community to help find products best suited to specific ailments.

GoFire features:

  • Metered Dose Control in 2.5mg increments

  • Smart Cartridge made from medical grade materials

  • Dose-Monitoring App with Session Control, Personal Journal and Dose Reminders

  • Dose Completion Detection Technology to communicate when dose is complete

  • Precision Temperature Control customized from within the app

  • True Convection Vaporization to enhance flavor and experience

  • Smart Cartridge Blend Analysis to show what’s inside every dose

  • Community Learning to discover which products are working for others like you

  • Personal data visually displayed in graphs to make recalling what worked easy

  • Breath-actuated heating and personal lung-interfacing that adapts to you

  • Heats to any temperature setting within two seconds

  • Longest battery life of any premium, portable convection vaporizer

  • Compatible with loose-leaf and extract materials of your choice

  • Intuitive LED communications make the app unnecessary for use

  • Magnesium alloy case provides unmatched durability 

  • Borosilicate glass air path ensures pure, cool and clean vapor

  • Safety and quality assurance certifications no other vaporizer qualifies for

  • Military-grade information management and security protocols

  • HIPAA compliant patient cloud

"This week, we are softly launching the most intelligent, capable and precise premium vaporizer on the market. We are excited to unveil GoFire’s robust design, and cannot wait to get our products into the hands of eager patients and consumers who have supported us for the last three years," said Peterson. “We’re proud to bring a product to patients and consumers that enables true dose control and measured delivery,” Peterson added. 

GoFire’s deep connection to the pharmaceutical, medical technology and big data arenas is evident in the designing of GoFire. The company is addressing patient and physician feedback, and integrating innovative technological advancements, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), into the capabilities of its device and ecosystem. Whether a medical or recreational mindset, GoFire is laying the framework for the future of alternative health through the design and manufacture of the world’s most advanced precision-dosing vaporizer. “It is time to deliver on our promise to enable the most advanced and transparent dosing experience available,” said Calfee. 

GoFire will become available for pre-order and online purchase at GoFire.co, Friday, April 20th, 2018. The device retails for $499. With pre-order pricing, the device is selling for $349 in limited quantities. To secure a device in GoFire’s first shipment, visit GoFire.co and pre-order the device while supplies last.

About GoFire, Inc.

GoFire, a digital healthcare company based in Denver, CO, has designed the first smart convection vaporizer with personal dosing application that allows patients to create a consistent result. GoFire's proprietary micro-dosing technology enables precise control of plant-based concentrates in metered increments. That proprietary technology, along with the support of an anonymous community-driven data platform, allows GoFire to deliver a safe, reliable ecosystem that can unlock the true potential of plant-based medicine. Now, patients, physicians, and researchers can better understand its medicinal benefits and impact on health and wellbeing, and quantify efficacy with confidence based on the chemical profile, size of dose, and patient condition with GoFire. To pre-order GoFire today, or to learn more about the product, please visit GoFire.co.


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