Contactless Dine In and Contact Tracing Digital Solutions Are Here

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, Texas, San Antonio - (PR Distribution™)

Many restaurant owners are expressing a need to adapt to the COVID-19 environment to ensure the safety of customers and staff. They are trying to find a way to decrease close proximity contact between staff and customers. With little guidance from our leaders, many business owners feel uncertain about how they will tackle the daunting task of contact tracing and designing their own social distancing operating solutions. What we do know is the government is asking business owners to operate safely. What we don't know is how they want us to do that.

There is good news! A digital solution to this very real problem. Today, digital solutions are the difference between a business thriving or closing. One company, Core Media Group, has been working on contactless dine in solutions for the past few years. "We first piloted our system in South Texas at a local cafe in 2017," says Senior Account Manager, Joseph Garcia. What Joseph and his team found was that millennial frequenting the cafe showed a decreasing desire to interact with baristas. This group did not want to wait in a long line to order a latte or matcha green tea. "Once we installed the system, the sales shifted for the cafe and the millennial clientele began to stay longer and spend more money when they were able to dine in and order directly from their own device," explains Garcia. 

Employing this WiFi system, guests are able to place orders from their own device for dine in ad are notified by staff when an order is ready. This system has two definite benefits - contactless ordering while creating a log of users. Restaurant owners are provided with a dashboard where they can login and track guests who have used the system to place orders amounting to a non-invasive way of collecting information that may be the difference between life and death for some.

With this system, contact tracing seems a lot more possible and realistic. This virus looks like it may be around for a while. Core Media Group is one company that is here to help the service and retail industries adapt to our new environment. "Our goal is to help every business we can reopen and operate safely while making sure customers feel comfortable visiting our clients' businesses," Garcia adds. Working in conjunction with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), customers in any locality are able to find local businesses when searching online for contactless dining or safe dining. Want to know more? Visit their website at for more information.

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