ContentOro and NewsCred Partner Bringing the Power of Books to Enterprise Content Marketing

12/12/2017 02:00 - ANN ARBOR, MI - (PR Distribution™)
Licensed original source content from books offers NewsCred customers enhanced SEO benefits as well as efficiency gains across new and existing content marketing programs

Today, ContentOro announced it has partnered with NewsCred, the global leader in enterprise content marketing, to deliver its extensive library of curated licensed book content to NewsCred’s customer base in the form of expertly written digital articles, available at scale. The partnership offers enterprise marketers exclusive access to original source book content, which naturally performs better when it comes to SEO authority, to support existing and future content marketing efforts. 

In gaining instantaneous, exclusive access to thousands of articles from books across unlimited subjects, NewsCred customers will see a reduction in time needed to launch, for example, a new content hub, easier buildout of new verticals on existing hubs, an increase in publishing cadence, and significant monetary and time savings on content production. 

“Enterprise marketers today seek to materially impact how their businesses reach target audiences, which requires going beyond licensing newspaper and magazine articles alone. Book content offers access to a vast amount of material that has remained virtually untouched in the digital space, and for years, NewsCred has looked to partner with a reputable platform that grants our customers access to this original source material,” said Jenn Stenger, VP of Business Development at NewsCred. “ContentOro has solved the issue of transforming books into scalable digital content, and we’re excited to offer our customers exclusive access to this unique content to differentiate their content marketing programs and ensure improved SEO performance.”

With traditional licensed content, brands benefit from both operational efficiency and user engagement gains, as well as the ability to build SEO authority on relevant subjects. However, because they are not the original publishers, brands will often find themselves returning below the original source in search returns. In addition to reaping the benefits of traditional licensed content with the use of ContentOro, NewsCred customers will also see search rankings and organic traffic immediately improve as they are the sole digital publishers of the book content they license.

“ContentOro’s partnership with NewsCred is a significant step for our company,” states Bob Chunn, CEO at ContentOro. “Our plan has always been to collaborate with successful businesses like NewsCred to accelerate our growth and we couldn’t be more excited to work with the leader in enterprise content marketing to help them meet their customers’ needs.”

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