"Corruption of Justice" Television Series gets multi-million dollar advertising support

2020-06-26 09:49:47 - United States, California, Burbank - (PR Distribution™)

Best selling Amazon novelist, George Van Mellaert, has signed a seven figure deal with Wanda-Halcyon Television and their streaming partners to sell the television rights to his book “Corruption of Justice” for adaptation into a television series. 

The Director of Advertising for Wanda-Halcyon Television, Joshua Silverstein of Burbank, California announced today that they will enter into a multi-million dollar outdoor advertising and social media campaign to support the television show “Corruption of Justice”.  Silverstein stated that they are going to use the talents of JC Decaux , Hormiguea, Posterscope, ClearChannel, Titans Transvision etc to achieve maximum impact. The first outdoor advertising will be seen in airports and high traffic areas in July. 

Mellaerts best seller, “Corruption of Justice”, is based on his life as a young and talented lawyer working at the EU headquarters in Brussels. Mellaert represents a wealthy diamond corporation that is really a cover for a foreign intelligence agency, unbeknownst to our protagonist, who finds himself caught in the middle of warring nations involved in clandestine activities with earth shattering sand lethal ramifications. 

According to Ale Stoica, Merchandising Manager for Wanda-Halcyon Television- “we are going to use very clean and impactful images to get people interested in tuning in to the series. The author, George Van Mellaert, is a pleasure to work with and loves interacting with his fans which makes advertising, merchandising and brand-building a much easier prospect for us at the corporate level”

Filming of the series will commence in Malaga and Almeria, Spain and Paris, France in July. 

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