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An online photo editor to upgrade your photo editing game, now available across all your devices.

Available today, Pixomatic online photo editor is a full-fledged platform that allows desktop users to turn any image into a masterpiece thanks to its advanced tools, friendly interface, and sync feature. Pixomatic is committed to providing its users with a platform that lets them turn their artistic visions into reality by using modern software stacks. Pixomatic runs on HTML5, React, WebGL, and JavaScript. Unlike other photo editors, it does not rely on third-party software programs that require you to install browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player which powers most online photo editors. 

Pixomatic follows a user-centered approach to make photo editing accessible to everyone. “Nowadays, we are more consuming than creating. Pixomatic's ultimate mission is to allow users to feel the joy of creation,” said Garik Avetisyan, CEO, and co-founder of Pixomatic. “It provides a platform that allows anyone to unleash their creativity thanks to tools that allow users to retouch portraits, create double exposure images, remove objects, make cutouts, to name a few. The launch of the online photo editor moves us a step closer to our goal,” he added.

Pixomatic’s unique tools and composition possibilities make it your go-to editor for creating viral content. Coldwar Steve, whose real name is Christopher Spencer, is a British collage artist and satirist who used Pixomatic to document the mood of Brexit Britain. He created the images on his phone while traveling to work on public transport. With over 190,000 followers on Twitter, his images went viral on social media and were featured on The Guardian and The Economist

What can you do with Pixomatic?



Cut out images instantly

Cutting out objects from photos is easier than ever, thanks to Pixomatic. “We have used advanced computer vision technologies to build the most precise object selection engine,” said Sasun Hambardzumyan, CTO and co-founder of Pixomatic. Select the cut tool, outline the borders of the image you want to cut, and let Pixomatic make the magic happen. Once you click on Save Cut, your cutout will be placed in a dedicated folder for later use. You can also use the cut tool to change the background. All you have to do is create a cutout, then change the background layer by clicking on the edit button in the right panel.

Take your work anywhere you go

Edit photos and create masterpieces anywhere - from your smartphone, tablet, or computer - your work will be saved on the app and the web. Start working on your smartphone and continue on your laptop; rest assured that the cloud secures your work. Pixomatic made sure that your transition from one device to another is as smooth as possible. “We upgraded our rendering and image processing engine and introduced its functionality to the online photo editor. This allowed us to provide the same toolset in both mobile and web platforms,” said Sasun Hambardzumyan.

Retouch portraits

Pixomatic offers a range of touch-up tools that allow you to give a quick boost to your portraits. Whether you want to hide blemishes or add glow to a selfie, Pixomatic will help you upgrade your photography game. 

Remove unwanted objects

If you need to remove objects from an image, such as telephone wires or a person who photobombed your selfie, look no further. The Clone Stamp tool allows you to remove unwanted objects by cloning pixels.

The online photo editor and mobile application invite users of all ages to let their creativity flow. Sign up, discover our cutting-edge tools, and find out what all the hype is about! Unleash your inner artist with Pixomatic. 


Founded in 2016, Pixomatic is an advanced photo editor that is available on the web, App Store, and Google Play. It is changing photo editing through easy-to-use tools and a user-friendly interface by following a user-centered approach. Pixomatic is renowned for its cut tool that allows users to cut out images instantly to change the background! Pixomatic is dedicated to letting your creativity flow! For more information, visit our webpage

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