Dallas-Fort Worth Plastic Surgeons Discuss Tips for Choosing a Breast Augmentation Provider

2022-02-22 20:00:00 - Richardson, TX - (PR Distribution™)

The plastic surgeons at Regional Plastic Surgery Center provide helpful information for those seeking a breast augmentation provider.


Richardson, TX – According to Regional Plastic Surgery Center’s team of board-certified plastic surgeons in Dallas, breast augmentation surgery is among the most popular procedures offered throughout their five offices. The surgeons note that they each have extensive experience placing saline, silicone, and anatomical cohesive gel implants to restore shape, volume, and overall aesthetic quality to the breasts of various patients. 


For those considering breast augmentation, the surgeons at Regional Plastic Surgery Center stress the importance of choosing the proper provider to conduct the procedure. In their words, “The results of a breast enhancement procedure largely depend on the skill, experience, and training of the surgeon.” For this reason, they continue, patients should conduct thorough research on prospective providers for a clear sense of what the outcome of surgery may be. Here are some of the factors the surgeons of Regional Plastic Surgery Center urge their patients to consider when searching for a breast augmentation provider:

•   Certification. It is imperative to choose a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). This certification signifies the proper training to perform breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures.

•   Affiliations. The physicians also suggest patients explore their provider’s affiliations with prestigious societies, boards, or facilities. These organizations, such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), are highly selective, and association with one or more of them often indicates a noteworthy surgeon.

•   Experience. A qualified breast augmentation provider will have a record of numerous successful surgeries. Patients can benefit from choosing a surgeon who either specializes in, or has several years of experience in, breast augmentation or other cosmetic breast procedures.

•   Education. The doctors suggest patients look at the educational background of their prospective provider. A surgeon who has studied at respected institutions, they state, is more likely to produce top-quality results. Patients can also explore their surgeon’s specialized training, which may include fellowships, positions at noteworthy facilities, and more.

•   Patient feedback. Reviews and testimonials can give patients a sense of a surgeon’s bedside manner and personality. 

•   Results. Finally, patients can look at before-and-after photos for a preview of a provider’s results.


According to the surgeons of Regional Plastic Surgery Center, patients should always choose providers who meet the above qualifications. They say that selecting an experienced, certified, and renowned surgeon can make a dramatic difference in the final results of breast augmentation. 


About Regional Plastic Surgery Center 

Drs. Denton Watamull, Bruce Byrne, Joshua Lemmon, Derek Rapp, Chase Derrick and Chirag Mehta are six of the top plastic surgeons in Texas. Each is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and they serve as members of various distinguished organizations and societies, such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery. Throughout their five offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, they perform several surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including breast lift, breast reduction, BOTOX® Cosmetic, and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). 


The surgeons of Regional Plastic Surgery Center prioritize the latest techniques and technology in order to provide their patients with incomparable results. They are available for interview upon request.


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