DApp Development Platform "Bunzz" Hits 1,000 Users! Over 500 DApps deployed. Becoming one of the largest development platforms in Asia

2022-04-06 19:00:00 - Japan, Tokyo, Minato-ku - (PR Distribution™)

What is Bunzz?

Bunzz is a development platform that makes it easy to use smart contracts for building DApps wrapping them in ready-made Modules. Not only does it have all the major sought-after smart contracts needed for DApp development, but they are also already audited, so there is no extra cost involved to ensure their security. They can also be compiled and deployed to the blockchain, and include all of the features that software engineers require and are looking for in order to develop Web3-related services.

Landing page: https://bunzz.dev

Documentation: https://docs.bunzz.dev/product-docs/introduction/what-is-bunzz

 About Bunzz Traction

• DApp developer registrations exceed 1,000

• Average of approximately 30-40 new DApp developers registering per day, with 10,000 users expected to be reached by the end of 2022

• Over 500 DApp projects deployed

While Silicon Valley services such as Thirdweb and Hyperverse lead the way in overseas DApp development platforms, Bunzz has surpassed 1,000 users in about 2 months since its launch on Product Hunt, making it one of the largest DApp development platforms in the Asian region.

In terms of user distribution by region, India has the largest number of users, followed by Nigeria, Japan, and the U.S., confirming the platform reaching the global market.

Feedback from DApp Developers

Here is some feedback from actual users of Bunzz.

Before Bunzz  😫  

• Learning cost of smart contracts such as Web3.js is higher than Solidity

• Smart contract code can be reused, but deploying it on a project-by-project basis is an individual task.

• Difficult to get new personnel to catch up on Web3 technology

After Bunzz    

• Intuitive and low learning cost

• Easy to operate from a browser. Could be de-personalized.

• If you do a hands-on session with Bunzz for 2-30 minutes, a developer who is new to Web3 can learn the basics of DApp development.

Bunzz's vision of a Smart Contract Ecosystem

Being a platform comprising support tools for Dapps developers, Bunzz ultimately aims to carry out a "Smart Contract Ecosystem”.

Specifically, we will implement a marketplace for smart contract modules and provide a composable environment where modules developed by other users can also be used.

We are also in the process of designing a tokenomics where Bunzz's proprietary tokens will be paid to module developers and to verified developers who perform security audits on theser modules.

For more information on the tokens to be issued and the history of the ecosystem development, please see below.


Mapping of the technology layers that make up a DApp and their respective services

DApp development platforms and development infrastructure services, such as Bunzz, Thirdweb, and Hyperverse, are anchored in one of three technology layers. Each layer has significant opportunities, with Bunzz focusing specifically on the "smart contract" layer. For more information, please see the following articles


Tutorial articles by Bunzz users

Since the launch of Bunzz, several users have started creating tutorial articles.

Tutorials Sample

Transfer of tokens test from a user interface created with Bubble using Bunzz's ERC20 module to issue your own tokens.


Funding Plans for Bunzz

LasTrust Inc, which operates Bunzz, is open to provide further information to venture capitals.

Interested parties should contact us at:


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