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RenewMe MedSpa is a prominent and reputable provider of IV Vitamin Therapy and aesthetic services. 

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a treatment whereby nutrients, medications, fluids, and vitamins are delivered directly into your bloodstream via your veins for immediate absorption. 

IV Therapy is the fastest way to deliver nutrients, medications, fluids, and vitamins into the body. This is because it bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into the bloodstream, resulting in a 90-100% maximum absorption rate. 

At RenewMe MedSpa, we provide perfectly blended IV formulations for each individual needs. 

Benefits of IV therapy

IV therapy provides numerous benefits to the human body. Apart from the maximum absorption rate, there are many other benefits that IV therapy provides.

Some of these benefits include:

  1. Anti-aging 

The levels of Nicotinamide (NAD) in your body begin to reduce gradually as you grow older. Free radicals in your body start to increase and your skin begins to lose its youthfulness. NAD+ IV therapy increases the amount of energy needed to functioning optimally and reverses the aging effect.

  1. Enhances Mood

IV therapy repairs damaged brain cells and make them function optimally. It contains essential vitamins and nutrients that make you feel good and sleep better.

  1. Accelerating your metabolism 

IV therapy that contains fluids, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and lipotropics helps to accelerate your metabolism.

  1. Increase weight loss

IV therapy that contains lipotropics helps to accelerate your body’s ability to metabolize fat, break down fat and burn calories easily.

  1. Restore lost nutrients 

IV drip contains essential nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to function daily. IV therapy provides you with the maximum amount of nutrients that your body is unable to absorb when you eat foods orally. 

  1. It provides a stronger immune system 

Your body needs more fluids to strengthen your immune system and maintain higher metabolism when you are ill. IV therapy provides maximum amounts of fluids, medications, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that your immune system needs to fight off diseases.

  1. It improves athletic performance

Athletes need constant energy to perform optimally in different sporting activities. IV therapy flushes out free radicals, provide quick rehydration, maintain muscle and tissue health, increase strength, and promote healing in athletes.

  1. Improves Mental Clarity

IV therapy help to repair damaged brain cells and restore them to optimal function. It flushes out toxins to improve mental clarity. 

  1. Improves Overall Health

IV therapy contains essential nutrients, medications, vitamins, and fluids that help to improve your overall health. 

  1. Increases Energy Levels

IV therapy contains essential vitamins, Glutathione, NAD+, and fluids that help to increase your energy levels. 

Who is David Omari Jones?

Dr. David Omari Jones is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician. Dr. Jones graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He then went further to complete is medical school at Boston University. He completed his residency in Anesthesiology at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Southern Illinois. He also completed another residency in Emergency Medicine at the University Of Toledo Medical Center.

Dr. David Omari Jones practices Emergency Medicine at a trauma center in Los Angeles. He is highly skilled and experienced in many different areas of preventive and anti-aging medicine using IV therapies, medical aesthetics, Botox and fillers, medical weight loss, bio-identical hormone replacement and other newest and advanced technology and natural therapies.

Dr. Jones is the founder of RenewMe MedSpa. He provides IV therapies for the treatment of various diseases and conditions. 

Most people seek IV therapy for a variety of reasons including boosting immunity, increasing energy, reducing signs of aging, improving the appearance of the skin, eliminating free radicals, and many more. 

Dr. Jones’s passion and goal is to improve the life of every patient by utilizing the cutting-edge efficacy of IV therapy. Each patient receives IV therapy according to their specific individual needs.

List of IV therapies by RenewMe MedSpa

RenewMe MedSpa provides a variety of IV therapies. Below is the list of IV therapies that we provide:

1. Hangover IV therapy 

2. Beauty IV therapy 

3. Immunity IV therapy 

4. Energy booster 

5. Performance enhancement

6. Vitamin C IV therapy 

7. Detox IV therapy 

8. Casanova drip for erectile dysfunction 

9. Relax drip for better relaxation 

10. Aches and Pains drip to relieve pain

11. Myer’s Cocktail drip

12. Hydration drip

13. Skinny boost for weight loss

14. Glutathione boost for detoxification 

15. Biotin boost to strengthen hair, skin, and nails

16. Vitamin D boost for bone development 

17. Vitamin B12 boost for energy

18. NAD+ therapy 

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