David Sidoo’s Impact on Football Across British Columbia

2022-03-02 20:00:00 - Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada - (PR Distribution™)

Former Canadian football league player David Sidoo continues to impact football throughout British Columbia. David has worked hard to create football opportunities for young athletes still in school with aspirations of going to college one day.

Even those not pursuing football can benefit from his work, as he’s a huge proponent of youth participating in sports.

Doug Woodward, Sidoo’s physical education teacher and football coach at New Westminster high school, saw potential from Sidoo at an early age. He cites incredible leadership and a work ethic as two reasons he has succeeded to this day in anything he sets his mind to. 

David impacted teammates without realizing it as an active high school football player. He remained humble, even when he had success. Always remembering where he came from.

Sidoo’s most significant impact on football in the region came when he helped get the once-proud New Westminster football program back on its feet. The defunct program needed funding to come back to life in 2003, and Sidoo was eager to help. 

After having such a positive experience playing at New West and eventually going on to play college football, he didn’t want to see a new generation miss those same opportunities that he was afforded playing football.

“David was instrumental in returning the football program to New Westminster Secondary School, thereby providing a positive experience for many students,” Woodward said. 

Since coming back, the team has evolved into one of the best in the region.  Furthermore, the football program has sent over 50 young men on to college since 2003.

Football doesn’t define David Sidoo, but he understands that it’s a significant part of his identity. He takes pride in being a trailblazer for the Sikh community and beating the odds by playing at the highest level in Canada. 

Having opportunities to march up the ranks past college admissions and playing pro is something he’ll never forget. Thanks to donations made by him and others, the next generation has the same opportunity to experience what he did. 

Businessman and philanthropist David Sidoo is the founder of Sidoo Family Giving. After finding early success as a businessman, after a professional football career in the CFL (playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the BC Lions), he and his wife and two sons started Sidoo Family Giving to give back to the less fortunate in their community.

They contribute to various organizations under their personal non-profit, making a positive impact in the Greater Vancouver area. To learn about all of their latest projects and organizations they work with, visit their website here.

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