David Sidoo’s Service Efforts Recognized by StreetoHome

2022-01-26 20:00:00 - Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada - (PR Distribution™)

The StreetoHome Project recently recognized David Sidoo for his contribution to impact the organization positively. The philanthropic businessman from Canada has helped his fair share of charities and organizations across BC. He has a continued interest in StreetoHome and continues to help the organization.

David Sidoo and the StreetoHome Project dates back more than a decade. David began working with CEO Rob Turnbull many years ago. They discussed how to pursue breakfast programs to help grade school children and the homeless in need. Making connections with the YWCA, United Way, and school districts across the lower mainland of BC.

Rob Turnbull has some positive things to say about David Sidoo, ‘’My experience with David is that he likes to take a hands-on approach and has been generous with his time and resources. He is willing to work through various issues with me to engage the private sector in supporting sustainable solutions that address homelessness. David is a connector of people and has been able to step back and see how different initiatives interact and best support each other and make introductions where he sees fit.’’

Efforts from David Sidoo and his wife Manjy include leveraging supportive housing units for individuals who have dealt with homelessness in the past. Setting the tone with their contributions brought other donors on board as well. What started as a relatively small effort exploded when new donors joined in. 

In total, StreetoHome has raised $26 million. These funds were used for the construction of over 1400 homes in 24 buildings. The organization explores opportunities to broker and leverage additional pathways for individuals to get out of homelessness in Vancouver. 

While the buildings are steps in the right direction, there’s no way to support everyone who needs it. Working with experts to help with the root cause of homelessness, including unemployment, mental health, and substance abuse, is vital.

 StreetoHome,   David Sidoo, and his family, Manjy, Dylan, Jordan, with others are focusing on a mobile app called Want2. It’s an app assisting individuals navigating a wide array of support services available to them. 

Getting help with common questions like "I want to get a job" or "I want to help others'' is just a few ways this app works. 

Why does David Sidoo continue helping organizations like this? After admission into and graduating from UBC, he pledged  to help those in need with his Time, his ideas (Talent), and Treasure (funding.) Principles he has continued to live by since he retired from pro football. 

His parents, coaches, and peers helped shape his success by supporting him. Now, he has a chance to make a similar impact with others. David Sidoo believes that the StreetoHome Project is just one of many organizations he can positively impact.

For more information on The StreetoHome Project, visit https://www.streetohome.org. For more on what David Sidoo stays involved in philanthropically, visit his family’s website at sidoofamilygiving.com.

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