David vs. Goliath? Amazing Generators Prepares for Legal Battle with Honda Power Equipment Over Discount Sales of Honda Equipment to Puerto Rico

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  SAN DIEGO, CA - 05/16/2018

Amazing Generators today revealed that Honda Power Equipment is dialing up its efforts to prevent the company from selling genuine Honda electric generators at cost price to the stricken nation of Puerto Rico – with a cease and desist letter. Amazing Generators has condemned the multinational corporation for its latest move, deeming it a profit-motivated “David versus Goliath” action.

The news comes just days before the 2018 hurricane season starts on June 1. Puerto Rico’s power grid is still mostly crippled, with doubts as to whether it can withstand even a minor storm: The island is “not ready for a new hurricane season,” Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority has said.

Amazing Generators was one of the first US companies to donate free electric generators to Puerto Rico, helping hospitals, churches, and community centers to keep the lights on in an aid program led by the Boston Federal Reserve Bank.

Amazing Generators continues to sell Puerto Ricans the Honda EU7000iS portable inverter at discount rates. In contrast, Honda’s local Puerto Rican dealers continue to retail the same generator for inflated prices. Despite the significant markup from these dealers in troubled times, Honda generators remain a favorite brand on the island.

Having chosen to help Puerto Ricans recover from the devastation left in 2017, Amazing Generators now faces the prospect of an expensive legal battle with the global corporation.

On May 11, the Amazing Generators Founder and CEO received a cease and desist letter sent by Cody Zumwalt Winchester, a partner at Philips Ryther & Winchester, on behalf of Honda Power Equipment.

“They are trying to shut us out over our prices by drowning us in legal fees. This is, essentially, a ‘David versus Goliath’ situation: We are being prevented from helping the people of Puerto Rico for the sake of corporate greed – namely, putting profit before lives,” said Sima Nimer, spokeswoman for Amazing Generators.

“We intend to fight this lawsuit because we believe that saving people’s lives should always be more important than greed. Those are our core values – and we intend to stick with them.”

The cease and desist marks a new low in the relationship between Honda Power Equipment and Amazing Generators. Having already declined repeated requests from Amazing Generators to become an authorized dealer, the letter threatens legal action over Amazing Generator’s copyright infringement of the corporation’s trademarked logo, images, videos, and marketing materials.

Amazing Generators insists that it has never given any impression to its customers that it represents Honda in an official capacity. Instead, the company has come up with creative methods to deliver the much-needed Honda electric generators to Puerto Ricans at their hour of need, leveraging third party services away from the corporation’s watchful eye.

Amazing Generators’ CEO went on to reveal that the company has supporters across the United States who are willing to support them in their mission – including distributing Honda products.

The island, now bracing itself for the 2018 hurricane season, is still recovering from the devastation of 2017. Over 20,000 residents still lack power as federal aid continues to flounder. As the storm clouds gather above San Juan, Amazing Generators is preparing itself for a storm of its own – but with the help of supporters, it remains optimistic that this is one battle that will see Goliath lose, again.

“We never thought that greed and the pursuit of big profits would extend to those who can hardly afford food, let alone power,” said Sima Nimer. “We’re not going to stop in what we feel is our duty of giving light – and hope – to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. We want the island to light up with Honda generators in 2018, no matter what!”

For more information about Amazing Generators, its products, and its fight with Honda Power Equipment, please visit https://www.amazinggenerators.com/. For all general and media inquiries regarding this press release, please contact Sima Nimer at 858-500-3616 or email her at [email protected]

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Founded in 2009, Amazing Generators offers portable generators, power equipment, and related accessories from select leading brands to customers across the mainland United States and Puerto Rico. For more information about Amazing Generators, please visit the company’s website.

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