DermaSet Revolutionizing the Anti-Aging Market

2018-04-24 18:55:04 - HOLLYWOOD, FL - (PR Distribution™)

The founders of DermaSet’s Hollywood Skincare are pleased to extend their 30-day free trial offer of their anti-aging cream. The product, once only available to celebrities, has been released to the public as a Try Before You Buy offer. Customers who opted into the trial have received a full tube of DermaSet’s anti-aging cream. Marie Urina, President of DermaSet, says there is no other company on the market that will offer such a trial. 

“Not many companies will let you try a product for 30 days and give you a full refund after you send an empty tube back,” Urina said. “Literally we’re the only company on the market that will let you do that.” 

The company’s 30-day trial offer has amassed sales, but Urina doesn’t view increased sales as their real success. 

“I don’t determine success based on the number of sales,” Urina said. “(DermaSet) cares more about the people who experience the product and whether they like it or not.” 

With the creams many benefits, Urina must feel confident that consumers will like the product in the end. Their formula is composed of all-natural ingredients that are refined to help increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture, elasticity and firmness. Customers using this product should notice significant changes to their appearance within 30 days. 

Costumers who have used the product noticed similar improvements after their 30-day trial. A few testimonials that stood out was improved skin tone, less noticeable acne spots and a reduction of wrinkles.

These celebrated improvements can be thanked by DermaSet’s endless list of all-natural ingredients. On the company’s site they state: “Like any great recipe, high quality performance and powerful ingredients are critical to a product’s success.” 

Let’s look at their “powerful” ingredients, which include plant stem cells such as edelweiss, sea fennel and grape seed extract. Together, they increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture, elasticity and firmness.These are combined with peptides, including argireline which performs the dual action of firming and reducing the look of wrinkles. 

DermaSet’s Hollywood Skin Care began five years ago. It’s still a budding company on the rise. But after five years and one product, we wonder if they’ll expand their product line anytime soon.Their answer was a resounding yes.

“We’re going to have a new product in three to four months,” said Urina. “Currently we’re working on an anti-cellulite cream.” 

Other than that, the company has kept hush-hush. You can keep in touch with them on their social platforms and if you have questions regarding their 30-day free trial by contacting [email protected]

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