Design Firms Evolve to Embrace an All-Encompassing Philosophy

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN - (PR Distribution™)

Businesses are asking more from their design firms—and they’re delivering.

Gone are the days of “architecture firms” and “interior decorators”—to not only survive, but thrive, in today’s design market, firms must seamlessly blend consideration and services. This means having the staff and knowledge to fulfill all potential needs, from creating branding materials and signage to ordering furnishings and selecting finishes. Hospitality and workplace design is no longer just about selecting materials; it’s about creating an entire experience that sets the client up for business success.

More and more businesses are flocking to sign up with these holistic design firms, and with good reason. Working with one firm that can take care of all your needs allows for clear communication throughout the process, where every new detail is chosen in collaboration with the same partner. Businesses that embrace this approach are able to work with the same innovative consultants from the beginning brainstorm of the brand image to the last installations in the shop, office, or restaurant. 

Minneapolis-based Shea is an ideal example of what today’s design firms strive to be. Over the last 20 years, Shea has evolved to become a design firm capable of creating full, all-encompassing consumer experiences, from brand strategy and creation through graphics, architecture, interior design, procurement, installation, and marketing and public relations assistance for clients. 

“We’re strategic and business thinkers first,” says Shea Principal Tanya Spaulding. “We are full partners with clients from the brand and business through the final details, using our broad range of expertise without the limits of traditional labels and narrow mindset.”

As design companies across the country evolve in order to keep up with today’s market, companies like Shea continue to be leaders in the industry when it comes to creating spaces that touch on all senses.

Whether it’s a corporate brand looking to create a test kitchen and lounge for high-end desserts and cocktails, or a creative business looking for a space that reflects its culture, working with one firm that can provide everything that a client needs allows for an easy decision-making and simple chain-of-command from start to finish.

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