Destiny Carries LFG Now Offering Trials of Osiris In-Game Boosting

2020-05-29 11:42:10 - United States, Florida, Tampa - (PR Distribution™)

Destiny 2 players can get the help they need to reap rewards from Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris returned to Destiny 2 in season 10, Season of Worthy, bringing back a fan-favorite that requires seven consecutive wins, they can visit the Lighthouse for additional pinnacle rewards. The Flawless Triumph Seal is just one of the many rewards players are working towards right now. 

Players who are looking to get ahead in Trials of Osiris now have a new option. The team at Destiny Carries LFG has long been dedicated to helping Destiny players put their best foot forward int he game. Rather than offering cheats, the Destiny Carries LFG team offers in-game assists that can be tracked and yield remarkable results.

Destiny 2 boosting provides its players with e-mail and text messaging notifications at every turn of the process to keep them in the loop. In addition, players can see real-time game progress and more when they enable the history feature in the platform.  

As it stands, Destiny Carries LFG is offering 6 options for in-game assists for Trials of Osiris. These assists, which are also known as carries by many players, include Trials of Osiris - Full Armor Set, the Pinnacle Rewards Bundle, the Flawless Triumph Seal, Trial of Osiris Guaranteed Flawless, Trials of the Nine Carries, and Token Farm & KD Boosting - Trials of Osiris.  

Some of these carries also offer options to further customize them for the player. For example, Token Farm & KD Boosting includes options for Token Farm, K/D 2.0 Boosting, and Wins in a Row.  

It all starts by choosing the desired carry. Then, a Sherpa, or Destiny expert, takes control of the player’s profile and boosts their character with the carry that has been chosen.  

Destiny Carries LFG is thrilled to help players get the most out of their Destiny 2 experience with top notch carries that have been trusted by countless players already. At this time, Destiny Carries LFG has a 4.89 star rating based on more than 70 ratings at and is 100% recommended by users. The team offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on each and every order. Whether players are enjoying Destiny 2 from their PlayStation, XBox, PC, or Stadia, they can trust the team at Destiny Carries LFG to help them through their next in-game goal. 

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Destiny Carries LFG offers a community of experts who offer carries and raid assistance for Destiny on all gaming consoles, including Xbox, PS4, and PC.  


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