Development Targets Cannot Be Fully Met by 2030: AHMADZAI

2023-02-01 12:15:00 - Ottawa, Canada - (PR Distribution™)

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge to achieve the SDG development goals which was promoted in 2015 by world leaders. What is hindering the development targets by 2030?

According to Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, a Global Health researcher says that due to political issues, some countries are choosing to leave behind the goals. He states, “Unfortunately, some countries do not have the resources to successfully achieve the development goals, however, they have already attempted.”

Ahmadzai has experience working on health campaigns, for example, the UHC campaign in Qatar which he helped organized last year.

Meanwhile, the world is trying to negotiate the war between Russia and Ukraine to stop from spreading which has been ongoing. Ahmadzai states, “The war in Ukraine is hindering the development agenda on a global level.”

In latest news, Canada, Germany and USA has been strong supporters of the Ukraine victory by suppling them with military tanks and potentially fighter jets.

Once a prosperous nation, Ukraine is now faced with health challenges as well for its people. Ahmadzai says that international organizations must step up to the plate and do more to support the Ukraine people. He states, “At this time, Ukrainians need healthcare services, food, and more importantly stability.”

The war in Ukraine began in 2014.

Ahmadzai is a Global Health practitioner and CEO of Taleam Systems. He is based in Ottawa, Canada.

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