Devin W. Johnson is Redesigning the Art of Online Reputation Management

2021-02-26 08:00:00 - United States, Texas, Dallas - (PR Distribution™)

Devin W. Johnson learned the virtue of saying 'no' at a young age. According to him, 'no' is a form of self-discipline, and it is why he was able to help people grow their businesses successfully. Already, he has helped guide over 20 businesses to stellar performance in their respective industries.

Devin W. Johnson learned the value of hard work from his parents. After furthering his education, Johnson proceeded to dip his hands in the business sector, foreseeing the massive growth it would experience in the coming decades. He knew, however, that he had to offer something different. When the market is filled with equally skilled individuals who promote similar services, Johnson quickly developed an approach that helped revolutionize the sector he was brought in to redefine - reputation management.

Building a Reputation:

After establishing his reputation, a Silicon Slopes venture group asked Johnson if he would consider becoming the CEO of a new company after finalizing the acquisition. Although the deal did not push through, he was asked by the seller to join the new venture in the same capacity, which later became The Reputation Management Company or RMC. Johnson and his group grew RMC to become one of the rising stars of reputation management, catering to clients worldwide and serving customers from all industries. His latest venture serves the direct sales industry, Direct Sales Defenders (aka DSDefenders). 

DSDefenders is an industry specific digital marketing agency focused on aligning corporate values with public perception. The net result is what Johnson calls “balancing opportunism” and increases brand awareness and brand trust. “People are joining gig economy opportunities daily such as Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, and others, with no way of growing their side-gig business. Direct sales companies provide a unique opportunity to realize the same types of monetary returns as leading gig economy companies while allowing them to scale their business long term” says Devin W. Johnson. DSDefenders works with network marketing / direct sales companies to ensure opportunities are represented accurately and online content is supportive and aids those joining or enrolling to build their direct sales business.

For Johnson, his clients are his priority when it comes to his companies. He teaches his clients to value their customers and treat them as the critical component of a successful business. No longer is the bottom line the top concern. According to Johnson, no effort to promote the bottom line can succeed if a business fails to create stellar customer service. 

Devin Johnson also teaches his clients the valuable lesson he learned long ago - the power of saying 'no’. For Johnson, the word 'no' serves as a filter for trivial and unimportant things. By learning how to say 'no' responsibly and wisely, his clients can learn to focus on their most important tasks and build their vision, while achieving critical goals. 

Giving Back:

Not one to shy away from any opportunity to serve, Johnson has also volunteered for the local city youth for more than 20 years, working in programs with organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America. With his volunteer work, Johnson offered his expertise and mentorship to young adults to help them build the skills they will use in their chosen careers. Johnson believes it is critical for adults who have already developed the skills and knowledge needed in society and the workplace to share these with the younger generation. This type of leadership, he says, will help young men and women alike to reach their full potential. 

Becoming an Educator:

Johnson's affinity for children and young adults is born of his desire to help educate them. He shared his time as a Charter School Board Member and served as Noah Webster Academy's Board Chair during his more than three years time working with NWA. During his stint at the Academy, the school climbed in the national rankings, thanks to its fiscal responsibility increase. As a result, students' performance also improved significantly. Many of them showed excellent performance in learning state-wide within their age brackets. Devin credits these school improvements to the amazing administration, teachers, and fellow board members who likewise had such admiration for the scholars who attend the school.

Personal Life:

When he is not helping develop businesses, Johnson enjoys time at home with his wife Tiffany and their four children. He is also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He often travels with his family and plays an active role in church activities. During downtimes, Johnson often keeps busy with his hobbies working with his hands, fishing, hiking, or boating with family and friends.

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