Disruptive Sports Agency Empowers Minorities in the Workforce

2021-09-28 22:30:00 - Seattle, Washington, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Disruptive Sports is a minority-owned sports agency that launched in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic by founders Henry Organ and Hector Rivas. One of Disruptive’s main goals is to not only empower athletes of color, but minorities in the workplace as well.


Organ and Rivas both started Disruptive with the idea that athletes should be represented by other people of color who are looking out for their best interest. Disruptive’s staff closely mimics the racial makeup of players in the NFL. Minority athletes represent 76% of all NFL players, while people of color currently account for 82% of Disruptive’s growing staff. Many companies talk about the importance of giving equal opportunity to minorities in the workplace, but Disruptive is actually doing it.


Studies have shown that having a diverse makeup within the workplace tends to lead to business success. According to Harvard Business Review, companies that are more diverse outperform their less diverse counterparts by 70% in terms of innovation and reaching new audiences. Also, Harvard Business Review found that employees chances of getting to the correct solution increased from 29% to 60% after adding an outsider to the group.


Disruptive has an extremely diverse makeup. The company’s minority staff allows for each employee to bring a different perspective to the workplace. Every worker is more than capable of problem solving and reaching new audiences effectively. Having employees from different backgrounds allows Disruptive to achieve their goal of representing minority athletes by other people of color.


Another study done by Boston Consulting Group found that companies with more diverse leadership teams report 19% higher innovation revenue. Diversity in the workplace is not only beneficial by giving everyone equal opportunity, but it has also proven to lead to more revenue. Many companies today are actively working on-trying to make their culture more diverse. Disruptive is a model for what a successful minority-owned business should look like.


“I think diversity plays such an important role in life and especially in business. Companies thrive when ideas come from different perspectives. We want our clients to see people of color running a successful business and to inspire the next generation.” - Hector Rivas on Disruptive.


“Being a minority myself in an industry that is not dominated by people who look like me, does not intimidate me, rather inspires me.” – Henry Organ on Disruptive


For more information about the agency and its mission, find Disruptive Sports on Instagram at @disruptivesports https://www.instagram.com/disruptivesports/, on LinkedIn @disruptivesports https://www.linkedin.com/company/disruptivesportsagency, and on Twitter @disruptivesports https://twitter.com/disruptivespor



About Disruptive Sports Agency

Disruptive Sports Agency is a full-service minority-owned sports agency that provides an innovative approach to sports management. Since the company began in 2020, their primary focus has been to empower the player. They help their clients maximize financial return on and off the field through large contracts, monetizing the athletes brand, and creating equity partnerships. Disruptive has already signed four professional football players and looks to continue expanding. With 80% of the staff being minorities, this company is looking to disrupt the entire sports agency industry. Visit them online at https://www.disruptivesports.com/




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