djkit Welcomes the All-New Pioneer DDJ FLX 4, Denon DJ SC Live 2, Denon DJ SC Live 4

2022-12-13 11:00:00 - London, United Kingdom - (PR Distribution™)

Three Major New Hardware Releases Now Shipping at Guaranteed UK-Low Price 

One of the UK’s highest-rated DJ hardware specialists has announced the launch of three major new pieces of hardware from two of the biggest brands in the business. djkit is now shipping the all-new Pioneer DDJ FLX 4, Denon DJ SC Live 2, Denon DJ SC Live 4, which in all instances carry a UK-low price guarantee.

Free shipping is available on all three items, which are initially available in limited stocks only. Head over to djkit.com to learn more, or to place your order while stocks last.

Pioneer DDJ FLX 4 Rekordbox and Serato DJ Controller

“The DDJ-FLX4 is a 2-channel controller with a simple and user-friendly design - feel like a pro. The layout of the DDJ-FLX4's controls makes it easy to learn DJing and is taken from Pioneer DJ's professional products. Everything is simple to use and neatly laid out, making this controller compact enough to take anywhere you want to practice or perform. Don't know how to mix? Don't worry! You can get started right away with the Smart Fader feature that automatically adjusts the volume, bass volume and BPM of your music, so you can seamlessly transition from one track to another simply by moving the channel faders or crossfader. Plus, with Smart CFX, just turn a knob to apply a combination of effects to add drama to your sound.”Pioneer DJ

Available starting from just £279, the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 is a fantastic introductory controller for beginners. Compact and beautifully laid out, it boasts a similar design to the company’s club-standard products, complete with a long list of impressive features and functionalities for such a low-cost controller. 

The standalone unit can be picked up at djkit for just £279, with USB-A to USB-C cable for £283, with HDJ-CUE1 headphones for £329.00, or as a Complete DJ set with HDJ-CUE1 and DM-40D speaker for £469.  Head over to the official product page at the following URL for more information:


Denon DJ SC Live 2 Standalone DJ System

“The SC LIVE 2's groundbreaking integration with Amazon Music and other popular streaming services gives DJs instant access to over 100 million CD quality (aka “lossless”) songs across all musical genres. With built-in Wi-Fi and lightning-fast onboard song analysis, you can now perform a full DJ set without owning or preparing any music ahead of time. The SC LIVE 2 fuses the power of a club-standard modular setup into a compact & intuitive 2-deck standalone DJ controller. With its built-in Wi-Fi, 7” multi-gesture touchscreen, and 3 media slots, the SC LIVE 2 unleashes creative live performances using a combination of stored media and music streaming sources.”Denon

Next in line comes the impressive Denon DJ SC Live 2 – a complete standalone DJ system that’s ready to go right out of the box. Bringing pro-grade features and functionalities down to a seriously affordable price, the Denon DJ SC Live 2 comes with everything you need to put on an impressive show.

From Wi-Fi connectivity to high-end in-built speakers to a free Amazon Music Unlimited trial, there’s literally nothing else you need to start making incredible mixers. The Denon DJ SC Live 2 is priced at a hugely affordable £949, and full product information can be found at the following URL:


Denon DJ SC Live 4 Standalone DJ System

“Denon DJ presents the latest model of the 4-channel 7-inch touchscreen controller Denon DJ SC LIVE 4. The family of impressive controllers from Denon is joined by the SC LIVE 4 - operating in standalone mode and equipped with 4 decks, 7-inch touchscreen, built-in speakers with independent volume control and wi-fi. The controller has two 6-inch jog wheels with an LCD display in the center. There are 8 performance pads on each deck with functions such as Hot Cues, Auto Loop, Manual Loop, Roll, Slicer and Slicer Loop. This model has an SD input and 2 USB inputs, 2 microphone inputs, 1/4" booth output, aux input and XLR & RCA output.”Denon

Last in line comes the impressive 4-channel Denon DJ SC Live 4 Standalone DJ System – arguably the ultimate all-in-one from the market leader. Loaded with four decks, a large touchscreen, built-in speakers and Wi-Fi, all you need is an Internet connection to put on the show of a lifetime. 

The Denon DJ SC Live 4 Standalone DJ System even features integrated lighting control and onboard analysis, making it a cut above comparable all-in-one systems within the same price bracket. Full product information can be found at the following URL, where the Denon DJ SC Live 4 Standalone DJ System is now available for just £1,129.

About djkit:

djkit is the UK’s leading DJ retailer, offering an unrivalled range of over 25,000 products and packages for professional musicians and amateurs alike. The team prides itself on being right at the forefront of the industry, stocking only the most cutting-edge technology, offering the highest level of service and hosting regular events in conjunction with the industry elite. Check out the firm’s website at https://www.djkit.com for more details.

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