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In mid-July, Karen Ellis was admitted into Detroit Receiving Hospital for an eye procedure and for blood work to be tested for Leukemia, instead Ms. Ellis was sexually assaulted by a DMC employee, D’Andre Robinson. Believing she was in a medical facility that took pride in the care they gave their patients, and a facility that performs the due diligence in hiring employees that would provide the care and protection each patient expects, Ms. Ellis consents to the continued treatment. Over the course of the week Ms. Ellis began treatment and relied on medications to remain stable that had a drowsy side effect. On the evening of July 31, 2021, as Ms. Ellis lay in her hospital bed, after taking another dose of her medication and going in and out of sleep, Ms. Ellis was sexually assaulted by D’Andre Robinson, while passing dinner trays.


On July 31st, Ms. Ellis was awoken to D’Andre Robinson in her hospital room with a food tray in his hand and aggressively and even predatorially saying, “Oh you a thick one”, “I like your hair”. Barely maintaining consciousness, Ms. Ellis drifts back into a medicated sleep. At this point, D’Andre Robinson finds the perfect opportunity to commit his attack on Ms. Ellis. Ms. Ellis was fearfully awakened, yet again, from her medicated slumber, being sexually assaulted. D’Andre Robinson whose sole purpose was to ensure this patient received her dietary meal and leave, had decided to go beyond the scope of his employee duties and abuse, not only his position, but more egregiously, Ms. Ellis, a visibly incapacitated patient due to medication. D’Andre Robinson closed the curtain that divided Ms. Ellis from her roommate, who was less than 5 feet away, and fondled Ms. Ellis’s breast, touched her inappropriately between her legs, and fondled her buttock. Ms. Ellis could see that D’Andre Robinson was holding his penis and afraid that more harm would be done, Ms. Ellis, despite her current state, mustard up all her strength to scream for help. 


Ms. Ellis was under medications that made her physically weak, and Ms. Ellis’s assailant was aware of that. D’Andre Robinson acted in a way that showed he was aware of what patients to target.  Following the assault and searching for help, Ms. Ellis was yet again mishandled by her Patient Care Associate, Andrienne Glenn, another DMC employee. When Ms. Ellis reported to Andrienne Glenn the traumatic attack that occurred to her by D’Andre Robinson, Ms. Ellis was told by Andrienne Glenn that she “didn’t have anything to do with this”. Ms. Ellis was then transferred to a private room, isolated from her roommate, other DMC staff and patients. Despite the complaint that was given, Ms. Ellis’s assailant returned to her new room and began speaking to a coworker in private. Ms. Ellis was unprotected, vulnerable, and helpless. Ms. Ellis’s nurse was eventually attentive to Ms. Ellis who was able to speak to her regarding the attack and at that time police were finally called, by the nurse supervisor, Corazon Ornido. Sex crimes unit responded, Ms. Ellis made a report, and her roommate made a report to corroborated Ms. Ellis’s report. 


Ms. Ellis was failed by DMC, by Detroit Receiving Hospital, and by the staff that were employed to protect their patients.

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