Does PRWeb Fall Within the List of Scammers in the Press Release Distribution Industry

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  LOS ANGELES, CA - 01/08/2019 (

Press release distribution is the most effective way in order to spread a piece of news to potential investors/clients or to maintain public relations actively. With a well-written press release and choosing an effective distribution service can provide the exposure that can have a far-reaching positive impact. Most of the companies these days tend to make vague or impossible promises and fail to achieve them, leaving people with a wrong idea about the press release distribution industry. Careful research should be done when choosing the PR(press release) distribution that suit your needs and can provide the highest ROI (return on investment)


Cision is a large corporation that founded PRWeb back in 1997 and they are providing PR distribution services ever since. Other competitors are offering a variation of services along with press release writing, but PRWeb solely provides distribution services. Their distribution plans are divided into four parts, and the pricing is between $99 to $389 that varies from one plan to another. A $99 is subject to payment for urgent press release requests. All of their customers get a placement on the PRWeb news section, along with an assurance of gaining more reputation on SEO.


The most expensive Premium PRWeb distribution plan guarantees to make a press release “Go Viral”, but there is no information shared regarding their distribution network or who will pick up the press releases distributed by PRWeb. This is a grey area which needs to be cleared out before using PRWeb.


In order to understand and to figure out here, the PRWeb press releases are distributed and published, a thorough research was done using some of their recently distributed press releases. After a Google search using those press release headlines, Google did not show more than 9 results for every headline that was inspected. Here are some screenshots for a better understanding:



To rid the disease, offer the best press release distribution service at the lowest price the industry can offer. Single PR distribution plans cost between $69 to $299 and the customers have three plans to choose from. Their cheapest Premium plan guarantees distribution to over 250 media outlets and the inclusion of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and similar sites. Top-tier newswires such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX are within their distribution network. offers not only a place in their news section but hundreds of results on Google as well; as it can be seen in the screenshot below:


Scam or not, PRWeb is not being able to provide satisfactory results with their distribution services and their customers are spending hard-earned money without a viable outcome. The most reliable and cost-effective service, with guaranteed customer satisfaction, can be obtained from

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