Don Forman: Las Vegas Philanthropist With A Heart Of Gold

2018-04-25 17:32:48 - LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - (PR Distribution™)

In times of darkness and tragedy, child entertainer Fred Rogers said it best: "Look for the helpers." This saying has become the ultimate in comforting children and adults alike when tragedies strike. In 2017, when the largest mass shooting in U.S. history struck near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Don Forman a local Nissan Dealer and philanthropist from Las Vegas and his team became 'helpers'. In numerous ways, Forman and his dealership stepped up to aid our community in its time of need. As one of the sponsors of the FOX5 Surprise Squad, United Nissan helps spread the philanthropic spirit throughout the community.

Don Forman and his Dealership Step Up

In the wake of the shooting near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Forman's Nissan dealership halted all talk of business and asked how they could help. With more than 50 people dead and approximately 500 wounded, the need for blood donations was emergent. What Forman decided to do was use his dealership and reach out to other Nissan dealerships to provide rides to those in the community who were willing to donate blood. People phoned the dealership, left their address, and an employee would pick them up and drop them off at the nearest blood-donor site. Forman and his Nissan team gave back to the community when they needed it the most.

FOX5 Surprise Squad

Along with sponsors like American First Credit Union and Albertsons VONS, United Nissan provides the financial backing for the FOX5 Surprise Squad to spread their positivity throughout Las Vegas. As a member of the community, I have seen what the Squad does. From helping local students at schools go to camps, to helping needy families find a safe place to live, and helping other worthy individuals spread their message of charity by providing them with new vehicles, the Surprise Squad is a powerful vessel of philanthropy. What's so amazing about the Squad is that you don't know when or where they will show up, or what exactly they will do, but everyone knows that when they leave, positivity, hope, and happiness are increased for those worthy recipients.

There are few things that restore hope and faith in the innate goodness of mankind more than seeing firsthand what the motivations of one person can accomplish. Having seen how Don Forman and his Nissan dealership reacted in the wake of the tragic mass shooting in 2017 made me realize how a powerful movement and agency of change can start with the positive motivations of one person. Don Forman is one of those people as he uses his business to serve, protect, and aid the community in which he lives. Through the positive actions of his Nissan dealership and their backing of the FOX5 Surprise Squad, Don Forman provides the perfect inspiration for all of us to become the change we want to see in the world.

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