Don Forman Nissan Uses Influence to Give Back To The Community

2021-03-17 12:37:04 - United States, Nevada, Las Vegas - (PR Distribution™)

Don Forman Nissan is a successful businessman with a passion for philanthropic causes and charitable endeavors. Don Forman and FOX5 Surprise Squad in Las Vegas have partnered to give back to the community at large. Together, they have participated in several community initiatives, including helping local community member Glen Zani plant crosses across the city after the Las Vegas shooting tragedy.

Zani wanted to honor the victims of this senseless tragedy but found himself short of resources. Don Forman Nissan stepped in and covered the charges of constructing and placing crosses across town. These crosses were on display at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, and the community thanked Don and his team for picking up the tab.

Don Forman Nissan has helped victims of Sandy Hook and the Aurora movie theater shooting in Colorado. Similarly, the team helped some girls wishing to attend college with free vehicles for their commute to and from school. These acts of generosity put a smile on Don's face and the countless families he has helped in and out of Las Vegas. Don Forman believes in empowering people that want to be as successful as him in commercial startups and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Don Forman is a dedicated philanthropist that continues to help the community achieve their dreams and goals. From local blood drives to book and food drives, he loves to give back to people across Vegas and the nation as a whole. As a seasoned, reputable businessman, Don Forman understands the importance of helping folks who may be experiencing economic hardships. With the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken so many lives, Don and his team have lowered the price of many vehicles at his dealership to put people in cars without the worry of financing and related issues.

The FOX5 Surprise Squad and Don Forman Nissan even helped a lady who wanted to take an autistic boy to a school function. The young man received an education scholarship and was able to attend homecoming courtesy of Don and his helpful, dedicated partners. Las Vegas shoppers also received free turkeys on Thanksgiving -- another generous gesture by Don Forman, a businessman who goes above and beyond to ensure families across the city do not go hungry during the holidays. Don partnered with Albertsons grocery chain to deliver the turkeys to families in need.

Another act of generosity was Don Forman Nissan helping two young men meet their bull-riding heroes at a local bull-riding event. The young men were so happy that they go to meet their icons and enjoyed great rodeo events. 

The Las Vegas shooting left a mark on the City of Entertainment like no other. People lost lives and families remain affected as they struggle with the emotional losses of loved ones. Don Forman and his squad assisted victims of the shooting by taking them to local medical centers and hospitals. His employees from United Nissan also set up camps to help victims of the shooting, EMS workers, police, and front-line emergency response teams. United Nissan employees played a pivotal role in saving lives and understood how trying and challenging it was for the people of Las Vegas and the nation to endure after the tragedy.

Don Forman loves to help people and change lives

Don Forman Nissan is a pillar in the community and is always there to participate in humanitarian assistance programs. Don and FOX5 Surprise Squad videos are available on YouTube and across the social media platforms for your review. Don has a passion for helping people, especially the local community that helped him become a successful dealership owner. With deep roots in the community, he continues to be a pioneering force in philanthropy and invites one and all to visit his dealership if looking for an affordable car or just to make some new friends.

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