Dota Finance- DOTA has launched the 1st token of its kind.

2021-06-10 15:45:00 - Singapore - (PR Distribution™)

Singapore, June 10th, 2021 Dota Finance- symbol DOTA has launched the 1st of it’s kind token that cover the 3 main topic in this truly decentralized space. The token focuses on the 3 abilities of their heros- which are Agility, Strength and Intelligence.  The features of the token also would be the 1st that offer a battle arena where fan can wage on their favorite team through DEX- decentralized exchange. 

DOTA token has a total supply of a very limited 10,000- the developers want to emphasize this point to get the best of the fan of DOTA to own a piece of this unique token.  The Agility Heros are weak in early stage- that’s why 5% of each transaction will be distributed to all holders of DOTA to receive proportionally.  The Strength Heros are the same throughout the stage- therefore 5% of each transaction will be contributing to the Liquidity Pool to make the token stronger in value.  The Intelligence Heros are everyone who’s a fan of Dota- it’s because of the fan that we have a community and why not let the community drive the project.  These 3 values contributing a significant adoption of decentralize world for crypto.

The unique features that this token will bring to the market are the first one of a kind battle area and a NFT marketplace for DOTA arts to be exchange.  By Q3 2021, Dota Finance will have a battle arena based on smart contract for peer-to-peer waging on their favorite team/ characters- all transaction will be recorded on BSC blockchain to make it fair for the participants.  By late Q3 2021, Dota Finance will release a marketplace where Dota’s fan can publish their NFT for exchange- which can involve in digital and physical art pieces.


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