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Dr. Harold Karpman, Clinical Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA, Founder of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation of Southern California, was just recently selected for the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for 2019 for his outstanding leadership, dedication and commitment to the health field.  

While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, only a few members are selected for the Lifetime Achievement Award.  These special honorees are distinguished based on their longevity in their fields, their contributions they have made to society and the impact they had on their industries. Dr. Karpman will be honored at IAOTP’s annual awards gala at the end of this year in Las Vegas for not only this award but also for his selection as Top Doctor of the Year by IAOTP. www.iaotp.com/award-gala  

Dr. Karpman is being recognized for this distinction for having over 3 decades of professional experience in Clinical Cardiology. Dr. Karpman is a dynamic, results-driven leader who has demonstrated success not only with Cardiovascular Medical Group of Southern California, but with every position he has ever held.  His impressive repertoire of prior roles included serving as Chairman of the Board of Western Cardiovascular Network, continues to serve on the Board of Governors of Cedars-Sinai Center, founded Cardio-Dynamics Laboratories, Inc., the creators of the world’s first holter 24 hour cardiac recording monitors, and he founded The Cardiovascular Research Foundation of Southern California, a nonprofit public entity dedicated to community funded cardiovascular research.   

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Karpman has received many awards, accolades and has been recognized worldwide for his outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession.  For 2019 he is being considered for Doctor of the Decade by IAOTP. For 2018 he was nominated and selected as Top Cardiologist of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP), and was featured in TIP (Top Industry Professionals) Magazine. He has held numerous leadership positions and served on many committees including the Board of Governors, Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Opera, and he helped founded the Peripheral Vascular service at Cedars-Sinai.  Dr. Karpman is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, Fellow of the American College of Physicians. 

Aside from his successful career, Dr. Karpman is a sought after speaker, lecturer and published author.  He has wrote several books, including “Your Second Life” and “Preventing Silent Heart Disease”, two books for lay people on heart disease and over 100 peer reviewed papers and presentations.  He is an authority on the economics of health care delivery and managed care, and is a known master of all aspects of clinical and consultative cardiology.  Dr. Karpman’s curriculum vita lists over 150 articles, 14 books with nine as first author and several with widespread international readership including “Preventing Silent Heart Disease.” 

Dr. Karpman received his Medical Degree in Internal Medicine from the University of California Medical School in San Francisco, and his residency with the Los Angeles County General Hospital; Beth Israel Hospital at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Karpman is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Board.  Stephanie Cirami, President of IAOTP stated, “Choosing Dr. Karpman for this honor was an easy decision for our panel to make.  Dr. Karpman’s numerous awards, accolades’ and accomplishments are extremely impressive.  He has tremendous foresight, extensive knowledge, is brilliant at what he does and was exactly what we were looking for.  We are truly honored to have him as a Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree and as our Top Cardiologist of the Year, and we are looking forward to meeting him at the gala.” 

Looking back, Dr. Karpman attributes his success to his education, mentors he had along the way and his passion for helping his patients and their families.  He says his work is very gratifying and hopes that others will consider a career in Cardiology. When not working, he enjoys Opera, Classical Music, Tennis and Woody Allen movies.  For the future, he hopes to continue making a difference in people’s lives any way that he can.

For more information on Dr. Karpman please visit www.cvmg.com 

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