Dr.Numb Guide to Microneedling: What, Why and How.

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  CANADA - 10/20/2018 (PRDistribution.com)

First emerged back in 1995, microneedling (also known as dermarolling) as a cosmetological procedure gained an extreme popularity in recent years, due to the technology improvement and Social Media posts of celebs, sharing the details of this skincare routine. As the leading topical anesthetic brand, Dr.Numb takes a closer look at this procedure and shares step-by-step guide to having your microneedling session go well and bring impressive results.


Simply saying, microneedling is a procedure of inserting very fine needles with a special device (dermaroller or another one) into a skin surface. Dermaroller is the most cost-effective and common device in such procedure, and it is made up of hundreds of micro-fine needles. During the procedure, the device is being rolled over the face, causing minor skin pricks.


The skin-pricking with dermaroller causes minor injuries in the skin, encouraging it to generate a new, collagen-rich skin tissue. As a result, the skin looks more even and radiant. By provoking the skin make a new tissue, there is also an extra collagen which helps to make skin firmer.

Microneedling procedure will suit well for those in good health, who have already tried at-home skin treatments and didn’t see much result. Post-acne marks, scars, age spots, large pores, wrinkles, uneven skin tone are all a subject to dermarolling procedure.


As any cosmetological procedure, microneedling isn’t without a risk. As minor skin pricking is involved, there is always a chance of bleeding, bruising and inflammation. To avoid these side-effects, make sure to choose an experienced doctor and follow the steps of procedure.

The overall treatment lasts around two hours in total. In the beginning, make sure your face and the needles themselves are being sterilized and well-prepped. To avoid any chance of pain, the patients’ face is usually numbed with topical anesthetic. 

Dr.Numb Topical 5% lidocaine cream is a perfect choice for numbing during any cosmetological procedures. Due to its original formula, it takes only 15-20 minutes to fully numb the face, with strong effect lasting for about 3 hours – just enough to finish the treatment. This product also contains Vitamin E and a moisturizer for a maximum comfort of the skin.

After the skin has been disinfected and numbed, the doctor will perform the treatment, evenly moving the dermaroller across the skin surface, so that in the result the skin tone looks even, too.

Since dermarolling involves skin pricking, it is vital to keep it disinfected during the treatment. In case drops of blood appear, it is recommended to use Dr.Numb Topical Anesthetic Disinfectant Foam Soap with 4% lidocaine, which effectively cleans the skin and renews the numbing effect as well.

Dr.Numb Topical Anesthetic Foam Soap contains innovative science-based ingredients that highlights its antiseptic and anti-infective properties in the prevention of microbial contamination. The formula amplifies the use of benzethonium chloride, a powerful antiseptic and anti-infective agent synergized by aloe vera leaf juice, well known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, intensified by leuconostoc-radish root ferment filtrate, an ingredient capable of restricting the growth of other microorganisms by acidifying its environment. All these properties make it a product of choice for prepping the skin for microneedling procedures.

It is common that in the end of treatment doctor would apply calming creams or serum with anti-aging effect to reach better results with combined effort.

To achieve better results, it is advisable to repeat the procedure 3-4 times over the course of several weeks, making sure your skin keeps luminous and radiant for a long time.

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