Drones Becoming A Popular Tool for Filming Fairs and Carnivals

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Drones have increased in popularity over the last several years when it comes to filming aerial footage of events. That includes fairs and carnivals of all shapes and sizes.

  MINNEAPOLIS, MN - 09/12/2018 (PRDistribution.com)

While these types of events are enjoyed by attendees on the ground, drones can be used to showcase the entire scope of a fair or carnival. This can be seen in a curated collection of videos on AirVuz.com, which highlights drone footage from all over the world.

There are things that drone pilots should keep in mind when filming a fair or carnival with a drone. For starters, flying directly over people is illegal in most countries. With events like these that draw large crowds, this can often be tricky. 

Second, pilots should not fly at a fair or carnival without prior permission from the event. Many professional drone pilots and production companies are hired to fly drones at these events. That doesn’t mean hobbyist or unlicensed drone pilots won’t still try to fly a drone that is not approved. 

For the second year in a row, AirVuz was the exclusive drone footage provider for the Minnesota State Fair, an annual event that draws millions of attendees. The fair has signs posted at entrances that prohibit the use of drones, but AirVuz was given permission to fly on the fairgrounds. This year’s Minnesota State Fair had a record-setting attendance of more than two million people over a 12-day span.

AirVuz worked closely with the Minnesota State Fair and local law enforcement to ensure the safety of those flying as well as the thousands of attendees each day. To help avoid flying over crowds while still getting close-up aerial footage, AirVuz used a DJI Inspire 2 drone with the X5S camera attached. The end result was a series of videos that helped to promote the fair, just like other pilots around the world have done with their local festivals or carnivals.

Other public events are also gaining popularity when it comes to drone footage. Outdoor music concerts can be filmed in a similar way with drones as fairs and carnivals, though drones can’t capture the music being played at concerts. Aerial footage of marathons is a popular trend seen on AirVuz. And weddings, though not necessarily public events, are one of the most common ways drones are used to film large gatherings.

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