Duramax Trusscore, one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl wall panels in the US, has been spreading innovation to the wall panel industry through their “Rotten FRP” campaign.

2019-05-21 12:31:09 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

Duramax Trusscore said that the innovative vinyl wall panels installs 4 times faster and saves half in material cost compared to FRP (Fiber Reinforced Panels). FRP first requires a backer before applying adhesive to install the sheets, requiring more manpower, material, and time ,https://www.duramaxpvcpanels.com/dpp-vs-frp/,.

Duramax Trusscore has been utilizing multiple social media channels and their online website at https://www.duramaxpvcpanels.com/ to educate the market on what vinyl panels can do for their business. They have been getting a surge of free sample requests from interested buyers so they can see the interlocking technology in hand. An exclusive 10% discount for wall panels is being offered until the end of May! Call 323-238-6018 for more information.

According to Duramax Trusscore, the move aims to address the growing demand for quality and cost-effective wall paneling in the food processing, dairy farm, cultivation facilities, food storage warehouses, laboratory cleanrooms, and carwash industries.

To spread awareness, they launched a “Rotten FRP” campaign, the purpose of which was to wake up the FRP market to the shortfalls of using FRP and what vinyl panels can do. Many FRP contractors who installed Duramax Trusscore for the first time were surprised with the ease and efficiency. One stated that they liked how easy it was to cut vinyl panels as FRP panels spread dust and chemicals when cut, which creates a big mess.

Viken Ohanesian, CEO of US Polymers Inc., said that “Duramax Trusscore vinyl wall panels are the most durable, easy to install and affordable wall solution available today. It just eliminates all the headaches of nailing plywood 4x8’s to studs and then gluing on FRP sheets.  Contractors are just not interested to waste their valuable time on lengthy installation processes that drive up costs. Vinyl Wall Panels are really the best solution!”

Duramax Trusscore panels has been recognized as an innovative building material. Vinyl panels provide fast installation for projects with tight deadlines and finish with a nice seamless aesthetic look. According to the company, they are a perfect solution to ensure the prevention of mold in high humidity applications. Vinyl has properties such as chemical resistance, mold resistance, and impact resistance, making it last a lifetime.

Get a free quote or sample delivered today. Call 323-238-6018 for more information. Don't miss out on the exclusive 10% discount for wall panels being offered until the end of May!

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