DURAMAX TRUSSCORE Panel Sales to Cannabis Grow Operations Reach New Highs

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  United States - 06/25/2019 (PRDistribution.com)

Duramax Trusscore, the leading vinyl wall panel supplier, is bringing innovation to cannabis growing facilities all over the Southwest. As more states in the region are legalizing marijuana, more businesses have been adopting the best solutions and learning from the mistakes of others. 

Traditional wall panel material requires some form of backer installed before adding adhesive to each panel to apply the final waterproof sheeting. Vinyl wall panels eliminate this need completely and are outperforming all other materials. What makes vinyl wall panels successful is their built-in backer that allows for direct installation to studs, thus saving huge amounts of installation time. For more information, check out Duramax Trusscore’s leading cannabis grow room article: https://www.duramaxpvcpanels.com/5-reasons-why-pvc-panels-are-ideal-for-cannabis-grow-rooms/

Duramax Trusscore has reached record sales this year and was recently featured on the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) website.

“We have seen our revenues double this year, and the cannabis market is now a large part of our sales. You might say we are cannabis-friendly,” noted David Schulhof, CMO.

Information on vinyl panels has traveled into the walls of cultivation facilities, extraction labs and processing rooms all over the Midwest. Interest in Duramax Trusscore has grown large enough that a contractor program was designed for local contractors to partner with Duramax Trusscore. If you are interested in working with the leading wall panel supplier in the West and using vinyl panels for your projects, call 323-238-6018.


Some key points about Duramax Trusscore’s PVC wall panels:

  1. WON'T fail like other, less dependable solutions
  2. Backed by our $25,000 guarantee
  3. Easy to clean between each harvest
  4. Class A fire rating
  5. Meets CFIA and FDA requirements for hygienic standards
  6. Non-toxic to plants and humans
  7. 100% water-resistant
  8. 100% mold-free
  9. Chemical-resistant
  10. Matte reflective finish for balanced light reflection for optimal plant growth

Duramax Trusscore vinyl wall and ceiling panels are being used in food processing facilities, high-moisture environments, cannabis grow rooms, hygienic clean rooms, interior lining for car washes, hog farms, water-resistant wash stations and much more. The panels are designed to be easy to install and a great solution for indoor high-moisture environments. Get your project measured and quoted today by calling 323-238-6018.


 Author: Jonathan Tsai, Outreach


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