Eight Reasons Why a Beautifully Crafted Custom Song From Bring My Song to Life is the Perfect Christmas Gift (Procrastinators Can Rejoice!)

2021-12-01 21:57:48 - Houston, Texas, United States - (PR Distribution™)

It seems like your special someone is always in your thoughts, but busy work schedules, the hustle and bustle of the winter holidays, vacation plans, etc., can sneak up on you. The Christmas shopping season is here and gone before you know it. 


However, you don't need to panic over the idea of having to purchase the perfect last-minute Christmas gift. Bring My Song to Life (https://www.bringmysongtolife.com/) was established to fulfill this kind of need and create a “wow” moment that has a powerful impact and lasts far longer than a kiss under the mistletoe.


Here are eight reasons why the gift of a song from Bring My Song To Life is the perfect Christmas gift.


1. Personalized music and lyrics:  A gift for Christmas should be personal and meaningful. Based on each client’s story, the Bring My Song to Life team writes original lyrics and composes the music from scratch, every time.

2. Professional session musicians:  A talented roster of musicians across the globe give every Bring My Song To Life production a crisp, professional sound.

3. Celebrity feature: Bring My Song To Life allows clients to hire their favorite singer from its impressive roster to record a fully professional song, performed by the celebrity artist of their choice.

4. Lyric approval:  Bring My Song To Life clients receive free revisions of their lyrics, ensuring that their personalized, special song will create a memory that lasts a lifetime.

5. Work-in-progress updates: Clients receive personal attention through two-way communication channels that include emails, texts and phone calls – clients decide how and when they want to be contacted.

6. Personal Story Page:  Included with every order, this online feature presents the client’s song, lyrics, lyric video (optional), photos and a custom message in an attractive digital arrangement that can be visited again and again.

7. Affordable: Clients can choose from one of three pricing options, as low as $129.

8. Fast turnaround time: A full-length song (three to five minutes) can be produced and delivered in as few as five days.


A thoughtful gift of a customized song from Bring My Song To Life can keep the Grinch away on Christmas morning and, maybe, produce that mistletoe moment we dream about. Just make sure you add it to Santa’s list in time for your Christmas celebration.



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